Las Vegas’s Best Kept Secret: Realtor, Coltyn Simmons

How Custom Fit Real Estate’s New Update Before You Sell Program is Helping Home Sellers Put More Money in Their Pockets

The Real Estate market may feel like a gamble but learning where to place your bets will help you score. For home sellers, knowing which investments to make and when can be daunting, especially if this is your first time selling your home. The contradictory information online only adds to the headache. Thankfully, one veteran realtor is helping Las Vegas home sellers navigate the decision making process, and find peace of mind.

Realtor Coltyn Simmons and his team at Custom Fit Real Estate are dedicated to helping home buyers and sellers every step of the way, because they know, first hand, what works and what doesn’t. Learning from industry experts can help you sell your home quickly and begin the next chapter of your life. As a homeowner, you know what projects you should have done before listing your home on the market, what wall should have been knocked down and what upgrade should have been initiated. A new program serving Las Vegas sellers is taking the guesswork out and helping you get it done!

Update Before You Sell Program & How it Sets Up Sellers for Success

The new program helps Las Vegas homeowners eliminate headaches, save time, and maximize their profit when they sell their homes. With zero out-of-pocket cost to clients, sellers can put it where it counts, their homes. In fact, on average, sellers see $40,000 more on the sale of their home with this program. With this all inclusive program, sellers truly get all the help they need. From an in-house licensed general contractor to seasoned agents and listing professionals, the Update Before You Sell Program was created to give sellers peace of mind, and delivers just that!

Additionally, seasoned experts will walk through your home and help you work through the decision fatigue, and maximize your chances of selling your home. Depending on which area of your house needs the most work, including what buyers are looking for right now, to a licensed in-house general contractor who gets the job done, it’s an all-in-one service that home sellers in Las Vegas can’t afford not to take advantage of. The Update Before You Sell Program aids home sellers in the listing process by removing visual and aesthetic barriers and ensuring that home buyers are presented with the best value possible. Simmons’s program is engineered to help eliminate problems before they arise and help home sellers stand out in the market, create a bidding war and put more money in your pockets.

Coltyn Simmons knows the industry, in-and-out, and gives home sellers the best options to sell.

Insider’s Perspective

Simmons, founder, and broker at Custom Fit Real Estate, has been involved in the housing industry for over 15 years. While he now owns his own real estate company, he didn’t start buying and selling homes—he began in construction. But above all, he’s a loving and competent presence in an industry where it can be hard to find a friend. And it’s precisely that touch—that he knows homes from the inside out—that sets him apart as a pillar of the Las Vegas housing industry. He is a veteran realtor who personally knows the ups-and-downs associated with the profession. Simmons wanted to change how things are done, so he created an innovative program, the Update Before You Sell Program.

Especially if, when buying or selling a home, you’re looking to find a real estate company that’s willing to work for you—not work you over. Enter Simmons and Custom Fit Real Estate, the self-proclaimed ‘blue-collar company’ that understands the value of your hard-earned dollar. In fact, the company mission statement is, “Without a thought of compensation in mind, we go the extra mile for everyone in our community, every time.”

A licensed contractor himself—actively to this day—Simmons knows, first-hand, how even minor renovations can drastically increase the value of a house. According to Simmons, even little things you might not think of, such as repairing a garage door, can radically improve the market value of a home. It’s often the details, the things that only someone with extensive experience from multiple angles will notice, that will make the big picture that much sweeter.

Simmons believes, “Buying a home is an emotional decision, not an investment.” And likewise, shouldn’t the client be treated accordingly? That’s undoubtedly what he thinks, and in fact, it’s a big part of why he started Custom Fit in the first place. Working in construction, Simmons felt that he had found his niche. He had a genuine passion for it. But he found himself dismayed by how dismissive big-brand real estate firms could be towards their clients—and even their personnel. He decided to take what he knew about construction and real estate and channel it into a new kind of company that would put people first, not profits. Today, not only is Custom Fit Real Estate a reality—it’s a significant presence in the Las Vegas housing industry. 

About Custom Fit Real Estate:

Custom Fit Real Estate is the most innovative real estate brokerage in Las Vegas. Custom Fit is the only brokerage in the city which has a licensed general contractor. The company offers updates to homes in hopes of selling for the most money, in the shortest amount of time possible, at no out-of-pocket money. To learn more, visit

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