The COVID-19 Pandemic as taken an effect on many people, businesses, and overall life. While consumers remain online and indulging in more social media than ever, audiences have turned to influencers for comfort and positivity. With frequent stops to LA every year as one of her favorite places, digital creator and influencer Macy Mariano (@wanderwithmacy) from Miami, FL explains to us how the virus has affected her and her business.

  1. Overall, how has this crisis affected you?

  • The pandemic has affected me in different ways. Financially, I have started to see things slow down with my partnerships. Even some existing partnerships are on pause until June due to serious budget constraints. My usual rates for partnerships have also lowered to accommodate brands. So, I am doing much more brand outreach than ever before. Mentally, I do miss life. To be honest, I would be home mostly anyways because I am a huge homebody! Though, I do miss the life around me. Just knowing life is happening makes me happy. Now that life is on a pause, kind of makes my surroundings feel empty, quiet, nostalgic.
  1. During this uncertain time, what do your days look like?

  • Well, my days have been kind of the same, similar to a Groundhog Day! I do emails in the morning at home, make lunch, order groceries, try to do content, make dinner, wine-out, watch Disney +, and catch up with Vampire Diaries. I try to go to Whole Foods once a week when I can. This routine has literally been my experience every day for the past month and a half ha-ha.
  1. How do you cope mentally? What helps you get through your day?

  • I honestly try not to watch the news too much. I do for maybe an hour or so just to be in the know, but after that I change the channel. The news can be stressing. I try to keep busy with cleaning, cooking, exercise, and creating! I have also released a brand list for aspiring influencers to buy to help with partnerships, which can be found on my website.
  1. Have you done or created anything new since the “stay at home” order?

  • I moved into my new place at the beginning of March, which was on the border of when all this happened. So, I have been focusing on home improvement and décor! It’s been keeping me really busy with planning, styling, and the overall look of my apartment! I made an Instagram page of my décor called @macysnook since I received such great feedback on my place. It shows all the brands I collaborated with to make my home ME. Will be adding more products and items every month to each area of my place until complete. I have also been more active on Tiktok. It’s actually allowed me to expose more of my goofy and weird self ha-ha! So been trying to figure that app out as well during this time.

  1. Has your content changed or stayed the same during the pandemic?

  • MOST DEFINITELY has changed. I usually take all my images outdoors and in my favorite areas around Miami. However, now I have been doing A LOT of indoor mirror selfies and images in order to get my content going. I live in the Wynwood area now, which is nice because its central for Miami’s creators and artists. So, I have been exploring with a mask outside; closer areas to my building to take a quick shot. It’s hard not to be too repetitive as well! Content blockage happens to me sometimes. So being home has tested me and my creativeness to come up with new ideas and think outside the box. All in all, could be a good thing.
  1. Do you think more people are engaging on social media or do you see it more of the same?

  • I think people are definitely being more active online. I feel like even brands and stores are being more active as well with new launches as online shopping is now more of a necessity. I feel people are looking up to influencers for positivity and inspiration. I also think people are bored as well so Tiktok has for sure blown up as it gives creators something to do and get better at! Gives people a chance to grow on another platform.
  1. What do you miss the most? What are you excited to get back to once this is over?

  • I miss traveling. Periodt. I had some travel collaborations lined up for summer (starting this month) so that of course has been put on hold, in which was something I was REALLY looking forward to. So, I am excited to discover and learn about new places this year when travel bans are lifted. Also, since I just moved, I really want to explore my Wynwood neighborhood! There’s SO much being built and to thoroughly discover around me. New retail, art, breweries, restaurants, and more. I’m excited to get to know it better.
  1. Is there any advice you would give your fellow influencers on how to remain calm during this crisis?

  • Try to stay busy in whatever you choose to do. Pick up a new hobby, or even an old one. It’s also a good time to re-start any projects that have been put on the back burner. Don’t be stressed as things always happen for a reason. Better days are for sure coming. I personally hope that from this pandemic, the world becomes a better place and mankind becomes…well…kinder. *promotional content*

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