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Matt DiBara’s masonry company, DiBara Masonry, is steeped in tradition and ancestral history. The company goes back four generations, and the DiBara name has been “set in stone” as the go-to contractor for the rich and famous in Los Angeles. Matt DiBara has taken the reins in his family business and has recently run with novel ideas that stand to upend the contracting world and help clients along the way.

DiBara and DJ Diplo

It was one of these well-known clients that led DiBara to bring

the company, built over generations, into the modern age. DiBara’s company has provided top-notch services for many notable names, among those being LA-based DJ Diplo. With work completed, Diplo approached DiBara about paying for the job with cryptocurrency. It was a lightbulb moment for DiBara, who saw an immediate opportunity to serve his high-end clients better.

“I never expected to gain an interest in the crypto trade, let alone experience firsthand its capabilities for revamping the construction industry,” says DiBara. DJ Diplo’s innovative transaction piqued his interest.

Seeing the Benefits

DiBara dove into researching the applicable benefits of using cryptocurrency in the contracting industry. Initially concerned with the rumored volatility of cryptocurrency, he was persuaded by the promise of privacy and protection for his well-known clientele.

“I was initially deeply skeptical of cryptocurrencies, but I think that by so many other people having such confidence in crypto and blockchain, which kind of sits as the key backend piece to cryptocurrency, it restores a lot of consumer confidence,” DiBara explains.

Blockchain technology is what sets the use of cryptocurrency apart from traditional mediums. Blockchain technology offers a way of recording information that makes it nearly impossible to change information or hack systems. This is of great interest to people who value their privacy and the safety of their assets from fraud.

The ability to accept cryptocurrency as payment allows DiBara to offer his clientele something other contractors can not. DiBara also encourages his competing contractors to look at the benefits of crypto use for their businesses.

“Crypto isn’t something to be afraid of,” DiBara says.

The Undercover Contractor

Taking care of your neighbor has been an essential touchstone of DiBara Masonry from the beginning. A strong sense of integrity and customer service has been integral to DiBara’s business from its inception. Offering his clients the ability to use cryptocurrency in their transactions, utilizing the ability to set up specific payment terms within error-free contracts and having it all backed by blockchain was a game-changer for his business and the construction industry as a whole.

It all plays into DiBara’s focus on the customer. His side-project, The Undercover Contractor, also seeks to help customers. After seeing how often people were running into trouble with unscrupulous contractors, DiBara decided to launch a podcast that aims to inform customers and tackle corruption in the contracting business.

“My father, my great grandfather, we’ve all been in construction our whole lives, and we’ve always done things the right way. When I see people getting scammed and projects they’ve invested their life savings into being ruined, I can’t take it,” says DiBara.

The Undercover Contractor podcast features expert advice and interviews with industry authorities. DiBara has also created a comprehensive “Confident Homeowner System” that he outlines in his book  The Undercover Contractor: How To Avoid Getting F*cked By Your Contractor.

Paving a Road to Understanding

Matt DiBara’s embrace of cryptocurrency and his efforts to end corruption in the contracting industry make him a unique presence in his field. It’s all to inform and help people understand new concepts and ideas.

“There are still a number of hurdles that would need to be overcome in order for a deeper integration of cryptocurrency into the construction industry,” says DiBara, “Not the least of which is instilling a broader sense of understanding the intricacies of how cryptocurrency works for both contractors and their clients.”

People are often skeptical of what they may not understand. Customers can be hesitant when hiring a contractor if they feel the contractor will not be forthright with them. Contractors may be reluctant to embrace cryptocurrency if they don’t understand the medium of exchange.

Through his embrace and acceptance of cryptocurrency and his advocacy for an honest and scam-free contracting industry, DiBara is the masonry expert paving the way for big changes in his field.

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