Lara Rahib, the Ecom Wolf, Found Success Through E-Commerce and Teaches Others Her Secrets and Sets Them Up For Success

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In many ways, Lara Rahib is the ultimate American success story. Born in Palestine to a humble family, she emigrated to the US at only one years old and grew up with less privilege than her classmates in the states.

Today, her determination, passion, and vision have made her the CEO of her own consultancy and an undisputed master of e-commerce, earning her program the nickname ‘Harvard of Ecom.’

Otherwise known as ‘The Ecom Wolf,’ the Temecula, California-based pro makes seven figures and coaches others in creating passive income through e-commerce with targeted and personalized coaching.

Set on Success

Rahib’s success might have been a surprise to everyone but herself. Before founding her company and sharing her e-commerce secrets, she went through years of hard times. Periods of unemployment, bouts of crippling anxiety, and surviving on food stamps are parts of her story that shock many of her students today.

Despite these hurdles, she graduated college with a biology degree and got her real estate license. She spent five years selling homes and honing her talents. Over that half-decade, she learned to close more significant and prominent deals and became more sure of herself.

The property industry is where she found her footing and professional self-confidence, realizing that she had a knack for selling and a talent for predicting what clients wanted and needed.

At times clashing with her bosses, she soon realized she needed to be in control of her professional destiny. So she founded her first Amazon e-commerce store, quickly hitting nearly a quarter million in sales and giving her parents the gift of retirement.

She bought her first home at 30 and continues to be passionate about property, having amassed a sizable real estate portfolio using her e-commerce profits.

“The game-changer was e-commerce, allowing me to invest in real estate, which builds long-term, generational wealth,” she explained.

Shifting to Entrepreneurship

While knee deep in Real Estate, Rahib began considering starting her own business; she realized what many of us come to see at one point in our career — that we want to spend less time working.

“I wanted to make money while I was sleeping, on vacation, or spending time with family and friends. I was banking on deals to close, and my fate was in the hands of people buying or selling homes. I wanted more control,” said Rahib.

She had read a lot about e-commerce and how, once a business was launched and automated, it could provide a solid and ongoing stream of passive income and give her the lifestyle she wanted.

“I was in real estate for five years before starting my e-commerce journey. Then, I reached $50,000 in capital through strategic sales and savings. That money got me on the bottom rung of the e-commerce ladder, and I’ve been climbing quickly and steadily ever since,” she said.

A Growth Mindset

Rahib launched her first Amazon store and was amazed to make a monthly income of $30,000 quickly and $700,000 a year not long after. She was thrilled with her decision to switch career paths.

Due to economic conditions and hasty decisions, she soon found her sales dropped and had to pivot her business plan to create her own website and sell directly to consumers without a third-party such as Amazon to stand in her way.

In 2019, with her income back on track and the prediction of $1.3 million in the first three months, she redoubled her efforts. Rahib found mentors and took courses, becoming a seasoned pro at navigating the complicated landscape of Google, Pinterest, and Facebook ads.

Again, she saw her income soar, which inspired her to share her gifts with those who have the same dreams of financial freedom that she had been chasing. She wanted to share the secrets of her success with other hopeful and up-and-coming e-commerce entrepreneurs.

The Ecom Wolfpack coaches those trying to escape their 9-5 jobs on how to make a passive and healthy income by selling online to earn six figures and beyond. Despite only joining the coaching world a few years ago, she has helped transition over 800 people from traditional jobs into passive income-generating e-commerce careers. She even has a guarantee that if her mentee doesn’t make $2K per month at the end of their program, her team will stay on and guide them until this level of profit is flowing.

“I truly enjoy helping people and teaching, and I am so grateful and excited to be in a position where I can help others change their lives for the better,” she said of the newest aspect of her professional journey.

To learn more about Rahib’s success story and her coaching, visit her Instagram for free tips and lessons. Those interested in diving deeper can apply directly to the program here:

About Lara Rahib

Lara Rahib, Ecom Expert, CEO of The Ecom Wolf, is known as one of the most successful persons in e-commerce. Rahib’s course teaches entrepreneurs how to go from being 9-5ers to making millions in a year, having coached over 800 students and earning the nickname The Harvard of Ecom. To join The Ecom Wolf Pack, please visit

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