LA Weekly’s Top 15 Inspiring and Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Men have been at the top of the leading board for years, dominating the world of business. But with the rise of influential women like Coco Chanel and Estée Lauder came the launch of a whole new era for business women across the globe.

Today, women are sitting side by side and establishing their businesses as household names in a variety of industries, including private-equity, solar, fashion, real-estate and beauty.

And to inspire you to do the same, we’ve listed the top 15 female entrepreneurs in the world today.

Leila Hormozi


Leila Hormozi is a first generation Iranian-American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. In 2015, Leila moved to Orange County, California to start a career in fitness. Within a year of moving, she was the top selling personal trainer within the region, and kept that status for the remainder of her tenure. Within a year, she met Alex, and accompanied him on his 4th turnaround, and each turnaround thereafter. From there on, the two were inseparable. Within a year, she met Alex, and accompanied him on his 4th turnaround, and each turnaround thereafter. From there on, the two were inseparable.

After the turnaround business experience, they packaged his process into a licensing model which scaled to over 4000+ locations in 4 years. Over that same four year period, she founded and scaled three other companies to $120M+ in cumulative sales across four different industries (software, service, e-commerce, and brick & mortar) without taking on outside capital. After that, she ascended to a board position in each of her companies, allowing her the time to co-found which acts as the holding company for all her business ventures, which at present are responsible for over $85,000,000 in yearly revenue across a variety of industries.

Leila is known for her expertise in scaling businesses through flexible infrastructures and creating management systems that create wonderful places to work, and performance to match. She donates much of her free time to advancing equal access to education and encouraging entrepreneurship in underprivileged communities.

Alexia Cooper

Alexia Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Bell Solar & Electrical Systems and her mission is to Rewire the World to build a sustainable future while also inspiring millions of women across the globe. Her admirable aspirations coupled with her undeniable dedication led her to grow Bell Solar’s revenue by 416% even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently the company is rated in the top 3% of more than 22,000 contractors in Nevada, & is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, providing both residential and commercial solar and electrical installations and repair services. As leaders of the renewable energy revolution, they are committed to donating $80 per installed solar system to the GivePower Foundation which uses solar water farms to supply clean water to developing regions. To date, Bell Solar has donated over $100,000! As a result of her success, Alexia has been listed on Forbes 30 under 30 in the Energy category and her company has been awarded with the recognition of Best in Las Vegas for 2 consecutive years. To learn more about Alexia Cooper click here.

Kristen Weardon

Kristen Weardon is a highly accomplished realtor winning multiple awards, including the Rising Star in 2014 and Star in 2016. But when not selling homes, you can find her helping others on a personal or business level via her coaching or philanthropy, from backpacks for back to school to natural disasters. She first acquired her real estate license at the young age of 19 amidst a mortgage crisis. Instead of sharpening her expertise in short sales and foreclosures, an opportunity arose to help educate those who have been through abuse and aid them in recovery through the WIN foundation. Her philanthropic nature simply did not allow her to pass this up, and she even went a step further and became a certified teacher. Her genuine passion for helping people soon enveloped her, as she started small groups like Working Hurricanes to support the victims of Hurricane Katrina to Irma. Kristen now has several certifications and licensing in the life and business coaching arena, including Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone. Fueled by love and empathy, Kristen’s life coaching and business strategy consulting offers new techniques and help make those transitions a success story rather than heartbreak. To learn more about Kristen Weardon, click here.

Hazel Ortega

A renowned Educational Psychologist, Hazel Ortega is also a serial entrepreneur with Ortega Counselling Centre as one,  and founder of the new non-profit High Tide Global Inc. Born into poverty, Hazel grew up seeing her parents go in and out of the justice system, ultimately leading her to focus solely on survival.Through people who believed in her – what Hazel class her Pushy Angels, she finished High School at 30 and continue to inspire and push her to follow her dreams. Now, as a philanthropist, Hazel is constantly thinking about how to improve the lives of others. For this reason, she established the Ortega Counseling Center, which has assisted more than 40,000 injured workers in finding and training for new, fulfilling careers following their injuries. In addition, Hazel launched High Tide Global in June of 2022. This non-profit organization aims to provide children worldwide with access to education and personal empowerment via delivering funding for educational programs, upgraded infrastructure, and motivational classes. So far, Hazel has led charity initiatives through the organization in Los Angeles, Mexico, and Uganda, with many more planned. To learn more about Hazel Ortega, click here.

Jennifer Yassen

Jennifer Yassen is a holistic marketer, brand strategist, storyteller, and the Founder of the Freed Agency, a brand marketing agency specializing in building and scaling brands online using the power of authentic storytelling. To help her achieve her mission to inspire millions to uncover their true potential, she co-hosts a podcast called Fiercely Forward. After an extensive corporate marketing background in both the fashion and music sectors, where she helped companies and brands, including several celebrity brands, launch into the market while growing their awareness, she is now using her skills, expertise, and passions in another light. Now, Jennifer coaches impact-driven entrepreneurs to grow and scale online by connecting the dots of their passions, story, and experience through compelling storytelling. She says: “Everything that exists on this planet has a purpose, including each and every one of us. You have been called to do something magnificent, and no one can fulfill it but you.” Jennifer’s purpose-filled approach has led her to work with notable mission-driven brands including Tom Davis/No Bad Dogs, A Petal to Peddle, She Does Official, and Samantha Siu New York. To learn more about Jennifer Yassen, click here. 

Tina Marx

Tina Marx is a Peak Performance Coach and has authored two compelling books to date, “The Domino Effect” and “Intimacy: Into You and Me I See”. She believes we are all tapestries, and if we weave with intention can all live fuller and more balanced lives. With a master’s degree in Metaphysics and wisdom that reaches beyond her years, Tina has helped guide hundreds of clients to live with intention. With her guidance and direction, they have a deeper understanding of their value and their life purpose and ultimately achieve greater levels of success professionally and personally because of it.

Like all of us, Tina has faced adversity, hardships, and challenges, including beating cancer. However, she will tell you she is grateful for all of it, every experience. It only empowered her to share her wisdom and experience further to help others live their best life. She is now living her best life and is incredibly passionate about empowering others to do the same. Through applying the principles of Metaphysics and living a life of gratitude, she’s helped hundreds of people understand how and what it means to lead a 6th sensory life. Her unique program mentors clients from all walks of life and with all different objectives. But ultimately, the principle is the same, to help them find and bring their purpose forward, employing the universal laws; action, intention, and intuition. This all optimizes their unique and individual journey, so they achieve their maximum potential and connect more deeply to the meaning of life. In addition to her coaching program, Tina hosts a podcast that concentrates on tapping into one’s 6th sense and leading a spiritual-driven life and often interviews living examples of successful entrepreneurs. To learn more about Tina Marx, click here.

Shaniqua Nicole

Shaniqua Nicole, is a Millennial Wealth Activist, Entrepreneurial Enthusiast, Wealth Strategist, Real Estate Investor, Author & Mentor. During her successful career on Wall Street, Nicole quickly realized that the same investment knowledge she developed over the years, was lacking in all of her peers. As any natural-born leader like herself would, she took the leap of faith to help her peers build wealth through her wealth management agency – Opulence Financial Group, and soon started a successful Wealth Building Community known as the Money Maven Club, with the purpose of mentoring high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners seeking structured growth and Financial Success. The sad truth of society today is that black excellence simply goes unnoticed at the highest level. Nicole’s dedication, entrepreneurial drive, and commitment to the community led her to founding Black Wealth Weekly, a podcast and magazine positioned to highlight, honor, and interview the brightest minds. The organization hosts the Black Wealth Awards, annually where highly distinguished entrepreneurs, activists, thought leaders, and influencers gather to be publicly honored for their commitment to increasing black and brown wealth across the globe. To learn more about Shaniqua Nicole, click here.

Nichole Shanfeld

Nichole Shanfeld is a highly successful residential real estate agent specializing in high-end luxury. Nichole comes from 3 generations of real estate experts, and as a result, her success and hard-working nature is undeniable. She proved she inherited the Real Estate gene, by establishing herself miles above her competition when she closed over $40M in sales within just her first year in the sector. With her rapid success, she was awarded Sotheby’s “Rising Star” award for her sales volume in 2021 and has already surpassed her goal of $60M in 2022 thus far. Nichole’s ability to establish trust and understand each of her client’s needs, coupled with her drive to settle for nothing less than absolute satisfaction –even when there is a lack of inventory sets her apart from every other agent. Likewise, her relentlessness at the negotiating table is admiringly sought-after as her willingness to go the extra mile for each of her clients is unmatched. To learn more about Nichole Shanfeld, click here.

Bianca Abbott

Bianca Abbott, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC is a Transformational Wellness Coach, Psychedelic Nurse Practitioner, Detoxification and Cellular Rejuvenation Specialist, Plant-based Nutrition Expert, and Celebrity Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She’s also a motivational speaker and has authored two books. Bianca is the creator of the successful virtual program, LunaFast and has guided thousands of people globally to cleanse and heal themselves from the comfort of their homes. Abbott’s program has been a game changer in helping people develop a healthy relationship with food, balance out their microbiome, restore their immune system, and get to the root of chronic health problems. Currently, she specializes in Quantum Healing Medicine, merging all of her expertise in Western and Eastern holistic modalities for cellular rejuvenation, mental health optimization, and spiritual awakening. Bianca sees clients virtually or at Spine and Wellness of America in Miami, FL, for ketamine therapy and integration. Her mission is to empower millions of people to embody thriving health and give them the knowledge and tools to activate their innate life force energy and heal at the quantum level. To learn more about Bianca Abbott, click here.

Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson is a luxury real estate broker and team leader at Compass with almost two decades of experience. Her dedication to the sector and each of her clients is evident as she is consistently ranked among the 1.5% of agents nationwide by WSJ Real Trends Report. After six years of constant success, she formed the Kelly Robinson Team in 2011, specializing in luxury residential real estate, specifically in Manhatten and Brooklyn –working with buyers, sellers, investors, and developers. Coming from a lengthy career in the entertainment sector, she concentrated her efforts on representing clients within her initial expertise. Her efforts were rewarded when she became a member of Compass’ elite Sports and Entertainment Division and ever since has built an extensive list of clientele, predominantly celebrities and athletes alike. Discretion being amongst her team’s top priorities has made the group a no-brainer for VIPs across the country, let alone in New York. As a result, she’s closed over $1 Billion worth of luxury residential real estate. This fall, the highly accomplished broker is launching her video podcast titled: “Kelly Minds Her Manors”. To learn more about Kelly Robinson, click here.

Tiffany Lyons, MBA

Tiffany Lyons earned an MBA from Case Western but has gone way beyond it as a healthcare practice and business consultant. In the previous two years, she took her main client from the edge of bankruptcy to 2 million dollars using creative problem-solving and designing operational efficiencies all while traveling the world. During this time, Tiffany taught the client’s staff how to leverage their potential, which resulted in improvements such as a four-day work week with remote capabilities. She has translated that experience into two coaching programs, Train Your Boss, where employees learn to negotiate and get the most out of their position and, Train Your Boss: Executive, where executives and managers maximize their team and the remote experience to combat “quiet quitting” and change management. Her creativity is still not done because she is now launching a YouTube show, Breakfast with Tiffany. If you want to talk consulting or coaching with her, click the link.

Lauren C. Nelson

Lauren C. Nelson is the Founder and CEO of Partner for Impact, where they are changing the way corporations manage conflict. She is on a mission to champion belonging, empowerment and inclusion in business culture. Earlier in her career, managers and business leaders sought her guidance in resolving team conflicts. As a result of this reoccurrence, Lauren founded Partner for Impact and has only seen rapid success. Her dynamic corporate workshops and trainings have been a hit. Now more than ever, employees want to feel seen, heard, respected, and valued at work. And this is what she specializes in: helping companies become top-performers by finding out what’s important to their people and using it in an impactful way to drive the business toward peak performance. Lauren’s company, Partner for Impact, has already been trusted by numerous companies, including Oatly, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Americans for the Arts, and Michelin restaurant owners, just to name a few. Within the next few years, Lauren plans to take her talents to the global stage to make a bigger impact and help people and organizations across the world. To learn more about Lauren C. Nelson, click here.

Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco is a motivational speaker, free-spirited content creator, and high-level mentor to multi-figure enterprises. She is the founder and CEO of Bold Self, a lifestyle and empowerment brand for female entrepreneurs’ home to wealthy, sovereign, and self-expressed prospects. Chiara firmly believes in completely expressing authenticity; arranging empowerment conferences for thousands of women has been one of her most outstanding professional achievements. In addition, many individuals regard Chiara as a fearless and audacious woman that takes a more unconventional and rebellious approach to mentor. Her current “Out of mould” approach enables the development and scalability of service-based personal brands. Soon, Chiara plans for more innovative methods to offer services, encourage change and have more fun branding and positioning. `Never lose the spark for your work; it’ll be the thing that will carry you to your wildest dreams.” is her best advice for potential growth. To learn more about Chiara Mazzucco click here.

Kathy Nunez

Kathy Nunez is a self-made entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four. She has been providing exceptional transformations to her clients for over two decades as a successful hairstylist. It was 16 years ago that she and her husband purchased a failing hair salon, Studio One Salon, and revamped it into one of the most popular salons in all of America, with clients coming from everywhere across the country. Now, as the owner, she leads and educates a team of 20 successful stylists and runs Studio One Academy , the only salon with a state-approved academy for in-salon training & licensing in her city. With her immense dedication to the sector, came extensive successes as she has become a recognized brand partner and collaborates with brands to create content for professional product lines. Kathy has even launched her own luxury hair extension company called Reputation Extensions with her daughter Liv. She continues to disrupt her sector as she achieves accolade after accolade, including numerous nominations for Beauty Awards, invitations to speak & educate within her industry & the expansion of her salon and academy. To learn more about Kathy Nunez, click here.

Tessa Arnold

Tessa Arnold is a rising entrepreneur and co-founder of SnapBack Energy, a company that produces a line of supplements to balance one’s life. Through the struggles of the pandemic, the world has seen a new perspective on health and wellness as it has become an increasing priority which SnapBack Energy was born to support. With Tessa’s continued perseverance and ability to overcome each of her obstacles with grit and grace, she was able to help create a company that is bound to revolutionize the entire dietary supplements sector. Their one-of-a-kind patented formula was developed to promote healthy liver functions, boost energy, and help with focus and mental clarity –everything the human body needs to perform at its best. The supplement also metabolizes alcohol in the liver to promote healthy cell turnover and reduce hangover symptoms. Launching just under a year ago, they are already working on new flavors to appeal to all taste buds. Within the following year, SnapBack Energy will be available in retail locations across the country. To learn more about Tessa Arnold, click here.

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