Gift giving can be a tricky thing. You want to give something you know they’ll love, but you don’t want to break your budget or miss the mark. To help you breeze through your list with the best gifts that are useful, creative and affordable, we’ve come up with the perfect present for your loved ones and yourself: LA Weekly‘s Holiday Box 2022. 

Pamper yourself and your nearest and dearest with our favorite gift guide items this 2022, all present in this year’s LA Weekly Holiday Box. Check out all the goodies below:

Rare Cannabinoid Company – THC Mood Gummies (With CBC & CBD)

Rare Cannabinoid Company offers the largest selection of natural, hemp-derived cannabinoid oils, gummies, topicals, and Pet CBD. Products are designed to be combined with each other for personalized wellness.

Their new THC Mood Gummies are the first in the world to contain high levels of CBC (cannabichromene), which offers the most antidepressant-like effects of all cannabinoids. THC Gummies ship to all 50 states. Each gummy contains:

  • 5 mg delta-9-THC for relaxation and relief
  • CBC for improved mood
  • CBD for stress relief

They can be combined with:

  • THCV for energy and appetite suppression
  • CBN for deep, restful sleep
  • CBG for discomfort relief

Explore the Hawaiian company’s website for a full product list, independent lab reports, links to scientific studies, expert advisors, and map of the 375+ locations that stock their products. | @rarecannabinoids


Binske Strawberry Milk Chocolate
Pure Nacional has been called the “rarest chocolate in the world” by the New York Times and was featured by the late, iconic chef Anthony Bourdain on the CNN series ‘Parts Unknown.’ All binske cannabis-infused chocolate is exclusively made with these Pure Nacional cacao beans. The finished product is a smooth milk chocolate with 36% cacao content, paired beautifully with dried strawberries for the perfect THC dose and flavor in every bite. Per Package: 100mg THC, <1 mg CBD
Per Piece: 10mg THC, <1mg CBD


Bols, the World’s First Cocktail Brand, now offers the option to bring the magic of cocktails home with Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails. The newest addition to the Bols portfolio features four signature cocktails that have been expertly mixed for a convenient, magically simple, and true craft cocktail experience at home or on the go. Bols Ready to Enjoy Cocktails are available in unique 200ml tubes and 375ml bottles; Bols Cocktail Tubes include 1-2 servings and the 375ml bottles include 3-4 servings. With flavors like Margarita Azul, Espresso Martini, Red Light Negroni, and Very Old Fashioned, bringing the sophistication of a cocktail home has never been easier – chill, pour, garnish.

ChapStick Candy Cane

Whether curled up by a warm fireplace or out in the cold building a snowman, ChapStick Candy Cane is back by popular demand to help you get in the spirit of the holiday season and keep your lips moisturized even in cold temperatures. Spread the holiday cheer with seasonal fan favorite and classic ChapStick Candy Cane that everyone raves about! This lip balm has a fresh, minty candy cane flavor and is great for stocking stuffers and fun gifts for friends and loved ones. ChapStick Candy Cane is available for purchase at

Don Francisco’s Coffee

Don Francisco’s Coffee: California Roasted. Enjoyed by All.

With a rich, deep coffee legacy, Don Francisco’s Coffee is made only with 100%  premium Arabica beans, sourced from the world’s best coffee growing regions, and roasted in a zero-waste-to-landfill roastery. Don Francisco’s Coffee comes in all brewing methods and the packaging is recyclable for FREE via Please make sure to visit this holiday season for promotions, product offerings, recipes, and gift ideas. And don’t forget to follow us @donfranciscos. Cheers! | @donfranciscos

Empire Glassworks

Innovative, playful, expressive, and best of all, unique. Empire Glassworks– hand crafted functional art.

With a seasoned design staff of over 40 years in the industry, Empire’s distinct dedication to service and unrivaled attention-to-detail production work has earned them a renowned reputation.

Empire brings a sense of familiarity and nostalgia to each user experience, allowing one to openly express themselves creatively. Capturing all of life’s beautiful creations, Empire Glassworks honors nature and the beauty of Mother Earth through their Garden Series.

Empire invites you to discover yours, at | @empireglassworks


Driven by the belief that everyday products can be elevated to new levels of utility and beauty through thoughtful design and innovative functionality, Geometry was founded in the fall of 2019 to bring artistic, environmentally sustainable, and functional freshness to the world of home interiors. Geometry products are super absorbent and quick drying, sustainably made with post-consumer recycled materials and there are 100’s of prints to choose from! | 

Manzanita Naturals Strawberry Sparkling Seltzer

A bright strawberry flavor and crisp, cooling effervescence make this infused sparkling water the ultimate comfort beverage. Enjoy it by itself or try it in one of the amazing mocktail recipes on our website!

Manzanita Naturals infused sparkling waters are crafted with premium THC and some seriously delicious natural flavors. Pop open a can and savor the exhilarating aromas, light, bubbly texture, and subtle, delightful flavors. And do it all without a single calorie. No wonder people say it’s the ultimate cure for cottonmouth. Zero calories, zero carbs, zero sugar, and zero preservatives. | @manzanitanaturals

Manzanita Naturals KWIK 1:1

The newest addition to our Kwik product line, Kwik 1:1 combines 50mg of THC and 50mg of CBD for a deeper, more balanced high. With all the wellness perks of CBD alongside the many benefits of THC, Kwik 1:1 gives you the best of both worlds. Try it today and find your inner equilibrium.

If you like your cannabis quick and easy, look no further than Kwik by Manzanita Naturals. With our premium, high-dose shots, you can have total relaxation at maximum convenience. Plus, you can pick from multiple strain-specific options to suit any mood or situation. With unmatched versatility, Kwik is a perfect match for your lifestyle. | @manzanitanaturals


Meet Pulpoloco Sangria. Our Sangria is crafted and imported from Spain. It is light-bodied, fruity and refreshing made of the best blend of true Spanish ingredients. Our product is aseptically filled and packed in a unique eco-friendly CartoCan®. This process allows for the true flavors of authentic Spanish sangria to show without adding any preservatives. Our delicious and refreshing flavors include Smooth Red, Soft Rose with a strawberry lemonade taste and Crisp White with a lemon ginger blend. Our Pulpoloco Product achieved a spectacular
accolade from the PR%F Awards 2022 for both double blind tasting and total package design.
Visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @pulpolocosangria. From our family to yours, we wish you Happy Holidays and Healthy New Year.


SLRRRP SHOTS launched in March 2018 in the tiny little town of Las Vegas, NV. Now, our products are available in over 20,000 retail locations across 45 states and several countries. We’re currently doubling the sales of our closest competitor and are the #1 best-selling RTD shots brand in the country.

We offer the first high quality ‘gelatin shots’ without any of the bad stuff (no animal parts). We’ve spent years creating the perfect balance between exceptional quality and flavor.

Our shots are made with premium alcohol and plant-based ingredients (high-five). That also makes them vegetarian-friendly, of course.

We offer a variety of delicious flavors. Try our O.G. Variety Pack, fiery Cinnamon Whiskey Pack, patriotic America Variety Pack, or juicy Mash-Up Variety Pack.

Find Slrrrp Shots near you at or online at

Grab a Party™ and Celebrate Everything.

Skinny Dipped

SkinnyDipped changed the healthy snacking game when mom and daughter founders, Val & Breezy Griffith started hand-dipping almonds at the kitchen table. Now, they’re obsessed with making lower sugar, drool-worthy treats a thing. Their blow-your-mind delicious, sweet snacks, including thin-dipped nuts and peanut butter cups with more peanut butter and a thinner chocolate shell, contain way less sugar and zero dirty secrets. And while they’re leveling up your snack game, SkinnyDipped also works to lift up women and their children around the globe by building schools from recycled plastic in cacao-based communities. | @skinnydipped

The Shuffled Truffle

In the wake of the pandemic, like many, we found ourselves with new time in old places. In the familiar surroundings of home, we were drawn to things we love. The Shuffled Truffle is the culmination of our passion for baking and the magical power of chocolate. This, our labor of culinary intimacy gives, us the opportunity to share with you the oft forgotten elegance and artistry of artisanal chocolate mastery. Here you will find more than exceptional ingredients. Within every handcrafted truffle, there is unique inspiration, thoughts, and dreams. In every bite, there is a story. We invite you to open your minds and your senses to an all-new chocolate experience. The Shuffled Truffle, bespoke chocolates, by Chef Chris. | @TheShuffledTruffle 


1. Mom was right. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sure, it’s an ugly bag. But it’s what’s on
the inside that counts, right? And what’s on the inside of The Ugly Bag is a half-pound of
small, crisp, ridiculously good cookies. Oh, and of course, they’re chocolate chip.
2. Some of the rumors are NOT true. You do NOT need to be a celebrity, professional
athlete or rich to get Ridiculously Good Cookies.
3. Some of the rumors ARE true. You can’t buy them in stores. You can’t get them on
Amazon. You can only get them if you know someone who knows someone. Or if you go

4. Finally, these cookies were conceived and produced in the USA, baby!

IG: Ridiculously_Good_Cookies
TikTok: @RidiculouslyGoodCookies
Instant Checkout: Text $UGLYBAG to 81000
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