LA WEEKLY x NYCHOS: The Awakening 

Beginning on Tuesday, 2/22/22–a day that from its date alone renders itself special–step inside a completely new realm of immersive art, created by interdisciplinary artist and muralist NYCHOS. “The Awakening,” a new unparalleled experience presented by Mirus Gallery, takes attendees on a journey of rebirth. 

With over one hundred original art works from the famed artist, the show is layered and engaging, arranged into a complex narrative that exceeds a simple viewing experience. This museum-style show shares a compelling story of personal introspection through large-scale paintings, interactive artworks, projection, animation, sculptures and more, taking attendees well beyond the traditional gallery format into new all-encompassing territory. While fine art sits at the forefront of this experience, “The Awakening” incorporates new technologies, bridging the gap between the analog and digital. 

“The Awakening” can be described as a rift in time, a process the body and mind can go through to achieve a new way of thinking. It is the most profound leap into a new reality. A reality where ego and self are so far from the center of our universe that we feel a rebirth of spirit. NYCHOS is constantly reassembling, growing and changing. As he evolves, his art does too. He explores this life and many past lives through deep meditation. His well-known dissections transform into complete figures held together by luminous translucent shells. Anatomy remains the center of his visual language, pushing one’s perception through and within the works. With this, he is able to form a gateway to a more complex discussion of life and death, working towards a more comprehensive understanding of both. As such, both topics are visited in recurring cycles throughout the exhibition, finally merging into one big multi-dimensional experience for the observer.

This new experience uses traditional paintings, prints and sculpture in combination with projection, science, and sound. With Mirus Gallery’s history in the nightclub space and the world of art, this immersive event is the beginning of a new era, unifying their expertise in pursuit of the most complete experience. Mirus Gallery is thrilled to continue their momentum in the Los Angeles art community. This marks the first solo exhibition at the new LA location, and is the result of a decade-long relationship between Mirus and NYCHOS. Drawing on the varied background in comprehensive events, every logistical detail of “The Awakening” meticulously planned, ensuring a smooth and safe experience for visitors. The event is timed and ticketing, meaning attendees will be able to immerse themselves in the world without also immersing themselves in unmanageable crowds. 

Beginning on 2/22/22, purchase your tickets and take a step into a world unburdened by reality and expectations. “The Awakening” is coming. 

LA Weekly