LA Weekly: Top Entrepreneurs Disrupting Their Industries In 2022

With the height of today’s global marketplace, in what has been a historical era for economic growth and innovation — we’ve decided to compile a list of what we believe to be the Top Entrepreneurs that you should know about in 2022.

By reading, you will learn about the various innovations and services these listed talented entrepreneurs offer.

Brian D. Evans

Brian D. Evans is an American entrepreneur, & Blockchain Enthusiast. The successful entrepreneur has founded, advised and consulted multiple companies in various industries & verticals such as eCommerce, SaaS Platforms, NFTs, Blockchain, AI, Marketing, and many more. Brian has a knack for solving important entrepreneurial problems for companies through innovative strategy, disruptive business models, and a lifetime of digital marketing experience. Brian’s marketing & consulting agency made the Inc. 500 list of Fastest-Growing Companies in America and was one of the Top 25 Advertising and Marketing Companies in America. Brian has always been someone that is well ahead of the curve in technology and says that we’re at the precipice of a global revolution with Web 3.0, decentralization and blockchain technology. The Web 2.0 era is quickly transitioning to Web 3.0 and we’ll begin to see all of the things we use everyday become Web 3.0 friendly over the next decade. 

Shelton Wilder

Shelton Wilder is a Top Luxury Real Estate Agent in Southern California and CEO of the Shelton Wilder Group. Achieving $300M in career sales, she is in the top 1.5% of realtors nationwide. Unwavering enthusiasm, relentless positivity and down to earth nature are the hallmarks of Wilder’s success. “I like to wear a crown of patience,” Wilder says, “It’s my super power.” Wilder prides herself on maintaining stellar relationships with not only clients, but also with fellow real estate agents. “I’m an agent’s agent,” Wilder says, “It’s my goal to completely change the way real estate is done in Los Angeles. We can all accomplish so much more when we collaborate with kindness and positivity.”

Jay Kambo

Jay Kambo is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of League of Ecom – A top ranked e-commerce development firm based in California. The successful entrepreneur started his journey into e-commerce with a single Shopify business at the age of 18. With much success in the marketplace, Jay quickly scaled & exited his first Shopify store where he then after selling allocated his return further into Ecommerce with an Amazon Seller store. Now 21, Kambo operates one of the largest e-commerce development firms with his growing team of 100+ employees and multiple warehouses. In the near future, Kambo is excited to expand into other sectors such as establishing fulfillment centers across the country as well as grow League Of Ecom into a Digital Marketing Agency for Shopify Stores and small businesses. To learn more about Jay Kambo & League Of Ecom, click here.

Terry Kilakos

Terry Kilakos is a Canadian Entrepreneur and President & Founder of North East Real Estate & Mortgage Agency. With a mission of providing financial literacy and advisory through real estate, & various other financial services — Terry has been able to effectively build a multidisciplinary firm that offers a full service holistic approach in his marketplace for all real estate & financial needs. Terrys tip to other entrepreneurs looking for success is to focus on recovery when setbacks come. In other words, Terry went on to say: “Your ability to pivot quickly when things don’t go as planned will be the number one indicator for success in the long run.” In the future, Kilakos is focused on building his online presence to impact and motivate people across the world.

Joshua McQuaig & Michael Rivero


Michael Rivero & Joshua McQuaig are principal partners at TopShot Pro — a real estate marketing technology company that builds personal brands for top producing Realtors, Loan Officers & Title Companies. The two partners have been able to scale their organization to a multi 7 figure valuation by helping their clients go from offline, irrelevant brands to local celebrities reaching hundreds of thousands of people in their market through their proprietary video & social media marketing strategies. With a shift in the marketplace to digital, many agents & brokers are faced with the challenge of using social media to attract their ideal prospects. Rivero & McQuaig have developed an all encompassing solution that will solve a problem for all agents that are looking to dominate in today’s marketplace. To learn more about TopShotPro, click here.

Megan Weks

Megan Weks is a certified relationship coach & the creator of the successful “The Manfunnel® Method”. Megan has helped thousands of high achieving women attract a quality partner that meets their needs. Leveraging the experience gained in her high pressure sales job, Megan thought to translate her strategies into the dating sphere, doing away with the linear dating methods that left her feeling stuck in routine and out of time. Her winning combination of fiercely smart practical tools with just the right amount of inner work and mindset shifts is why it won’t take you long to reach your love goals with The Manfunnel® Method. The Manfunnel® Method has seen much success since it’s development by Megan over 4 years ago, and has been published in various media outlets, including Forbes, The New York Times, Psychology Today, Reader’s Digest and more. Megan has appeared on ABC, CBS, and Fox 5 networks. To learn more about Megan Weks & The Manfunnel®. Method, click here.

Alex Saal

Alex Saal is an American business professional and the founder of Solid Ecom Automation – A hands on done for you agency that aligns passive income opportunities through proprietary marketplace capabilities. The successful entrepreneur has adapted through various market shifts in the space of Ecommerce for his clients which has given him a significant edge in the result driven sector. Alex went on to say that he believes in order to be successful selling in the Ecommerce marketplace, you need to have a strong board of advisory & or partners that understand the forever changing shifts in the marketplace. With over 10 years of experience in capital allocation and risk management in generalized entrepreneurship, look for Alex Saal to continue to align the right opportunities for his clients. To learn more about Alex Saal & Solid Ecom Automation, click here. 

Matthew Meehan & Luigi Rosabianca


Matthew Meehan & Luigi Rosabianca are partners in Shield Advisory Group, a full-service consulting firm specializing in helping SMEs obtain access to credit and capital. Having a combined experience of 50+ years of business experience, spending nearly two decades on Wall Street – they are able to provide their clients with the same tools and resources that larger companies have. Matthew & Luigi have adapted through various market shifts in the space of finance for their clients, providing over $60 million in tax credits during the pandemic to small businesses. They went on to say “We believe today’s underwriting processes that large banks use to decipher risk is going to be a thing of the past. As technology keeps evolving businesses are going to look to access capital faster. The days of waiting weeks or even months to be approved or funded will turn into minutes, if not seconds.”  To learn more about Shield Advisory Group, click here.

Aaron Williamson

Aaron Williamson is an American Entrepreneur, US Marine Veteran, Actor, Stunt Performer, Celebrity Trainer, and Motivational Speaker. As the CEO of Aaron Williamson Fitness, Aaron has prided himself with giving back and helping others; he says part of success has to be giving back. Recently, Aaron launched his “Intense 90” fitness transformation program where he works online with people around the world to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. And if that’s not enough already, Aaron works with Director Anthony Hemingway in heading up philanthropy for Heroic Entertainment which falls under Anthony Hemingway Productions. The advice he would give any prospective Entrepreneur is to be resilient and resourceful because the road to success is full of obstacles meant to throw you off and test your resolve. He also thinks that the future of the Fitness industry will be very technology driven with the ability to measure all metrics of human physical performance.

Moritz Pindorek

Moritz Pindorek is a German entrepreneur, former professional track & field athlete, & global proprietary crypto currency advisor. The talented athlete turned entrepreneur has successfully built and scaled many EU startups including, a boutique Social Media Agency & Early Germany CBD company(s). Moritz has successfully built a name for himself in the blockchain industry through his trusted proprietary concepts and high level connections with global elites in the tech space and various investors. He goes on to say, “We are at the golden age but also the wild west of our industry yet, establishing the foundations of future generations.“ Today, Pindorek helps Crypto & NFT projects seed millions in funding & as well offering advisory and equitable retainment for NFT Projects. In the future, Moritz looks to work with more Fortune 500 companies in their shift to Web3 as an advisor.

Perri Chase

Perri Chase is one of the top teachers and leaders in Feminine Spirituality and Embodiment globally and has been using these philosophies to disrupt how traditional business is done. Time spent as a Wall Street Headhunter followed by time as a startup founder in Silicon Valley  ( had her want to turn the traditional business model on its head. “Never again,” she said to hustle and grind. Her “Feminine” business philosophy called Magic Led Business™️ is as woo as it sounds – Serving energy instead of customers, no niching, no selling to pain, no forcing or manipulation. She has built a growing multi seven figure empire using this strategy and teaches others how to let Universal energy guide them. To learn more about Perri Chase & Magic Led Business™, click here.

Salman Altaf


Salman Altaf is a successful Pakistani entrepreneur and CEO of Blue Cascade. The talented young entrepreneur has successfully built and scaled in the sector of e-commerce & digital marketing. In his career, he has successfully scaled his organization Blue Cascade from 3 people to around 350 people and acquired many startups along the way. Salman is known in his industry for his agility & his ability to scale businesses at a rapid pace. Salman forecasts that the GDP in the e-commerce sector will only rise with time, and incubating startups would benefit a lot in the long run. To learn more about Salman Altaf & Blue Cascade, click here.

Siim Land

Siim Land is a Best-Selling Author, Public Speaker, High Performance Coach, Content Creator, Professional Biohacker, & Entrepreneur From Estonia. Despite his young age of 27, he’s written 5 books with Intermittent Fasting and Feasting: Use Strategic Periods of Fasting and Feasting to Burn Fat Like a Beast, Build Muscle Like a Freak and Unleash Your Anabolic Hormones being one of his best-sellers. Siim is considered one of the world’s leading experts in Biohacking and speaks at the world’s top biohacking and health optimization conferences. He has a degree in Anthropology with a large Social Media network of up to 150,000 people. His biggest advice to prospective Entrepreneurs is to focus on one thing at a time using the 80/20 rule. He also believes Biohacking and Digital Health will become a crucial aspect of healthcare and preventive healthcare and that Personalized Healthcare is the way to the future. To learn more about Siim Land, click here.

Elsa Morgan


Elsa Morgan is a success & accountability coach based out of Melbourne, Australia. Elsa had a tough time for most of her life, being born into poverty, dropping out of university and filing for bankruptcy in 2009 – she knew she had to change her mindset. Eventually, after many hurdles & failures, she currently runs 2 successful online businesses. The successful entrepreneur now helps other women over 40 transform their life and align them with their life’s purpose. Furthermore, Elsa stated “My mission is to help as many people transform directly or indirectly through my influence and my own style of ‘No BS Coaching’.  I see far too many people not knowing what they are wanting out of life.” Elsa truly believes in the future of the knowledge industry & is committed to impact millions of people. To learn more about Elsa Morgan, click here.

Jason Lee Villarreal

Jason Lee Villarreal is a Realtor at Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty. The luxury real estate agent is known in his marketplace as the go to for luxury real estate — In his career, he has successfully sold over $250 million in real estate transactions. This top producing agent wants you to know when listing your home — It’s not the market, it’s the marketing. With many reasons to include, Jason Lee Villarreal has been able to separate himself in the marketplace with his proprietary listing concepts that help the clients he represents sell fast and in most cases over asking price. In the future, Jason is excited to further grow his reach online and take on more home buyers and sellers in the greater Houston marketplace. 

Rahila Ali

Rahila Ali is an American Business Woman and CEO of Puresome — A Eco-Friendly skincare brand specializing in cleaner and healthier skin for all. Rahila used to suffer with insecurities related to her skin care & acne that she suffered with. Ali has spent over a decade focusing on clean eating, skin care, & overall health to take better care of her skin. As a consumer of skin care products, Ali noticed an opportunity in the marketplace for herself to start her own skincare brand. Ali noticed that most skin care products didn’t offer natural ingredients, which was a shocking discovery to Rahila since 60% of what a human skin touches enters the bloodstream. Today her brand has helped the many struggling with bad skin & acne, through their organic and premium products. In the future, the entrepreneur is striving to make Puresome the number one skincare brand while also remaining eco-friendly with natural ingredients & low carbon product production. To learn more about Rahila & Puresome, click here.

Mallory Brooke

Mallory Brooke is an inspiring Canadian content creator, blogger, and the owner of Mallory’s Adventure Store. Having amassed over 90,000 Instagram followers in just under a year, Mallory is keen to touch the lives of many by spreading positivity and awareness about important environmental challenges – while also entertaining them at the same time. Known for her charming and positive personality, Mallory has been able to captivate the hearts of many by showing up as her true authentic self online. She has been able to inspire others to live their best life for themselves, while also protecting our planet earth. Her business “Mallory’s Adventure Story” features many fun, eco-friendly merchandise products – To learn more about Mallory, click here.

Kenneth Ong


Kenneth Ong is the co-founder of Damage Factory. This firearm consulting agency provides unique experiences to the public, VIPs, and celebrities. In 2014, Kenneth committed to his passion for firearms following the sale of his successful real estate investment venture. While he is known as the jokester with a ‘Get It Done’ personality, Kenneth relies on his team’s insights and customer interactions. “We observe others’ great ideas that fail and remold them into something that works. In this case, we simplify and individualize it.” Damage Factory is renowned for dishing out the personal touch in spades. “We strive to deliver custom encounters and personalized coaching. Many small companies act like large corporations because they think that appearing bigger than they are will get them ahead of the game. We are the complete opposite.” The result? Damage Factory is now the top firearm facility in the Denver Metro area. To learn more about Kenneth and Damage Factory, click here. 

Luisana Loaiza

Luisana Loaiza is an Ecuadorian Entrepreneur and a Certified Health Coach by the institute of integrative nutrition-IIN. The successful Entrepreneur found her way into medicine throughout her own health issues growing up. Loaiza struggled with various health issues growing up such as headaches, & respiratory allergies. She tried many Western medicine strategies that simply weren’t helpful for her illness so she tried habitual Eastern medicine instead. At this realization, her passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle was born. Loaiza  started her journey in Germany, Denmark and South Korea in search of health remidies for her health, but quickly understood that her body only reflected what her mind and spirit wanted to shout. Her biggest advice to aspiring Entrepreneurs as she states is to “Believe in yourself, your true power, your own brightness and listen to no one else.” Luisana believes that in the future Health Coaching will increase in popularity because health professionals have understood the need for a holistic vision for individual patient care. 

Aita Magassa


Aita Magassa is an African Business Women & CEO of the NAWALI group. Nawali was founded in 2018 and is the first Real Estate Agency of West Africa. Nawali is positioned as the trusted intermediary that offers innovative, reassuring and modern solutions with its real estate tontines and ecological construction. Aita is a dynamic and ambitious woman who aspires to have a strong impact in the emergence of the African continent. She is a mother of 4 children and has worked more than 10 years in the property management field prior. The advice she would give any aspiring entrepreneur is to have a vision of what they want to accomplish, followed by a plan of action to support it. She also says that surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is the key to success. Aita’s future plans include expanding throughout the African continent and specializing in the construction of ecological cities in order to allow property access to large amounts of people.

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