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Monday the new Millennium

By Alejandra Castillo

line them up

behind the yellow line

one by one

cocky vehicle faces

sharp and cold

full of it-


line them up

behind the yellow line

the stop too often bypassed

as the red light

reflected on his glasses…

line them up

with their silver foreheads

burning below

the hungry California sun

it's five o' clock

line them up

it don't matter

the day's not over

there are still a million things to do

and surely



has got to get done

so line them up

they won't go hungry

there's plenty of gas left

the things driving them

have had plenty

of coffee

slow them down

in the landscape

of shrilling traffic lights

it is almost night

but in urban context

clocks matter and don't matter much

here in Los Angeles

as always



has got to get done

Monday is never over

it goes on forever

twisted into vicious cycles

so it lasts a year

a decade

a millennium

Monday a millennium

line them up by yellow lines

clocks sing the numbers

but seconds don't matter

when our hectic city lives

feel as the centuries they truly are

oh who will ever notice

that somewhere in the horizon

a yellow sun-


is fading

into orange lines?

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