Best Fall Activities in LA on Delta 8

Autumn brings to mind changing leaves, crisp weather and pumpkin spice lattes, all things L.A. is not exactly known for. Informed Angelenos, however, know the city offers many fun seasonal events and fall activities to help you make the best of the fall months. When fall rolls around, many tourists have left, and the warm fall weather means that Angelenos can do not only traditional fall activities but also many of the summer activities that were previously too crowded to enjoy. Fall is also a great time for Christmas lovers to get a jump start on Christmas activities before they get too crowded.

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Read on to learn about what’s going on in Los Angeles this fall and how Delta 8 can enhance these great activities and events.


You do not have to travel to Germany to enjoy excellent beers and traditional German foods. Thanks to L.A.’s amazing restaurant and brewery scene, you can find Oktoberfests to rival the festivities in Munich. Check out Santa Anita Park’s Oktoberfest Trackside or stop by Wirtshaus for some great German food and beer. There is even a vegan Oktoberfest with vegan beer, sausage, pretzels and other Bavarian treats.

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Apple Picking

Nothing says autumn more than fresh-picked apples. A great activity for couples, families or friend groups, L.A. has lots of great spots to help you get your apple fix. In addition to freshly picked apples, you can pick up many tasty apple treats like pies and ciders and support a local farm in the process. Do not forget to snap that perfect Instagram photo of you reaching to pluck an apple from a picturesque orchard. Angelenos love Rileys at Los Rios Rancho, Willowbrook Apple Farm and Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard Pumpkin Patch.  

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Pumpkin Patches

You could settle for a pumpkin from a grocery store with a picked-over selection, but that would not be any fun. Gather the crew for a visit to one of L.A.’s many pumpkin patches. Several spots offer petting zoos and wagon rides in addition to the pumpkin festivities. Gourds abound at Underwood Farms, Mr. Bones’ Pumpkin Patch, and Shawn’s Pumpkin Patch.

An orange pineapple Delta 8 vape cart is the ideal accompaniment for your pumpkin patch outing. If vaping is not an option, try an apple-flavored gummy to bring the mellow fall vibes.

Corn Maze

Corn is not just for the Midwest! Get lost with your friends and have some wholesome, all-ages fun at a corn maze in the L.A. area. Some corn mazes offer other activities and events like pumpkin patches, wagon rides, live music, pony rides and produce stands, which makes them great destinations for a full day of outdoor fall fun. Tapia Bros Farmstand or Underwood Family Farms have corn mazes and can provide a great day of autumn entertainment.

Blueberry and corn are a surprisingly tasty combination. A Delta 8 THC vape cart with a blueberry flavor profile will compliment any corn-y treats you enjoy. Try a berry gummy for more discreet Delta 8 fun.

Botanical Gardens for Fall Foliage

Looking for fall colors? Watching the leaves change is an enduring symbol of fall. Whether you know it from movies or by experience, seeing changing leaves brings autumnal vibes. We cannot promise that you will immediately feel as though you have been transported to Vermont, but Los Angeles does have a few gardens where you can get your fix of fall colors. Be sure to check out Descanso Gardens, Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden, and Huntington Gardens

The floral, herbal scents of the botanical gardens are best enjoyed with a discreet Delta 8 THC berry gummy.

Christmas Lights Displays

Christmas lights in the fall?!?! You heard us. Anyone who has seen the huge crowds waiting to view the most popular displays of Christmas lights around L.A. in late November or December will know exactly why this is the perfect fall activity. Looking at Christmas lights in early November may be too early for some, but for those who want to beat the crowds or get their Christmas decorations out right after Halloween, there is nothing better than seeing L.A.’s most spectacular Christmas light displays during the fall. WonderLAnd, The Elf on the Shelf’s Magical Holiday Journey, or South Coast Botanic Garden’s GLOW all offer light displays that will dazzle you.

Bring along a Delta 8 THC apple gummy to discreetly enhance the twinkling lights and that special, Christmas-magic feeling.

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