L.A. Weekly publisher Brian Calle and co-host Sara Tariq have a conversation with EMAN8 to discuss the purgatory of record deals, relationships and how to navigate the mental health struggles that come with growth. 

EMAN8 was 19 when he was discovered. Being signed young, he was hopeful yet cautious. He joins the podcast to talk about how the shackles of a record deal led him to appreciate the freedom he enjoys as an independent artist today.

Telling us how he went from being a Broadway-bound musical theater major to a successful musician, he shares how a fateful talent show performance helped redirect his course in life. Revealing the origins of his stage name, EMAN8 surprises the crew with his familial ties to ska and how family origin helped reinvent him after being dropped from his first label.

EMAN8 photographed by Ellie Pritts

How does one deal with the depression that comes with being dropped from a label or losing a job? Who you surround yourself with is key to shaping your own success. Listen for suggestions on how to deal with relationships, as well as everyone’s take on the dating apps of today. 

Sara leads an open and honest discussion about mental health, and EMAN8 shares what drug is the best cure for his anxiety.

How do you have “that conversation” that turns casual dating into serious? Brian offers to help Sara take her relationship to the next level. Will she accept Brian and EMAN8’s offer to “Ryan’s Roses” her new guy?

Relationships, work, mental health struggles – they’re all exhausting. How do you deal with insomnia? Our hosts discuss if Xanax is actually a sleep aid and if sleepy time tea really does the trick.

Tune in to find out what EMAN8 is doing next, the gang’s weed preferences and how using the old “we were on a break” excuse probably won’t work in your favor.   

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