For months we at L.A. Weekly have watched as our name and reputation have been stomped on, raked through the mud and desecrated. Two events have been canceled because of the tireless harassment of local businesses, which became collateral damage after they were caught in the crossfire of a boycott. Freelancers and contributors cyber-bullied for writing for a publication they support and admire. Editors losing stories and access because of lies and misinformation. Sales staff trying to keep the paper running while making good on promises to loyal advertisers who are under fire.

The staff of L.A. Weekly are men and women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, shapes and sizes, just trying to do their jobs and provide for their families. They are just like you.

Now, free speech is being threatened. The boycott has reached a whole new level; they are trying to shut down the paper by fabricating a political agenda about the Weekly in order to mislead and, frankly, enrage the people of Los Angeles.

Their message and misguided threats are riddled with lies and half truths. They are harming the very thing they claim to be protecting.

The time has come for us to #SpeakTruth and stand up for ourselves.

Our goal is to inform the public about all of the inaccuracies being reported about L.A. Weekly and the new ownership.

The country’s largest alt-weekly is under attack by a group of bullies who are intent on limiting the free speech of people who may have ideologies and beliefs different from their own. Save free speech and speak the truth — share the true story of L.A. Weekly.

Join us and see our side. #SpeakTruth.

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