The 4th of July is that time of year when we beat our chests with pride about America, share hot dogs and beer, and whistle at men and women in boardshorts and bikinis. It's all good.

Except if you're on the road. 

Safeco Insurance conducted a survey recently and concludes that aggressive driving increases around the 4th of July holiday. There is some good news, though:
The company says that, among the major cities it examined, Los Angeles has the nicest drivers in America [added]: during the 4th of July holiday period. Really.

A low 22 percent of Angelenos said they engaged in “discourteous behavior” on the road.

The cities with the nastiest drivers are: Washington, D.C.  (where 40 percent admitted to being mean on the streets), Boston (38 percent), Atlanta (34 percent), New York (32 percent), and Chicago (32 percent).

Also nice: Minneapolis (24 percent), purple city.

However, across this great, independent nation we get a little pissed off around the 4th of July, Safeco says, with a 30 percent increase in discourteous (or, as we like to call it, asshole) behavior.

The increase includes a jump in the number of motorists who “tailgate, use their horn, yell or gesture at other drivers,” Safeco says.

The company says you can keep it cool by “being friendly and courteous on the road,” accepting the reality that road conditions and traffic are going to suck, and not taking the stupid moves of others too personally.

Sounds patriotic.

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