By Chaz Kangas

Last week buzzworthy bands saturated New York City, across all boroughs and genres. The College Music Journalism festival featured some of the best breaking music in the world, including many great new bands from Los Angeles. The four I saw were among the highlights of the week, and encapsulate what CMJ is all about.

The New Limb

Arlene's Grocery, 10/22/11

On the final night of CMJ, The New Limb brought their innovative harmonies and high energy instrumentation to a mid-show slot at Arlene's Grocery. Having topped several “What to see at CMJ” lists, anticipation for the group was among the highest I

encountered, and resulted in one of the most talked about sets of the night.

Even though it was their first show in New York, many in the crowd were already very familiar with songs from their latest album Songs People Can Hear, singing along. The venue's intimacy made for a disarmingly engaging set that more than exceeded expectations.

Vanaprasta; Credit: Winston Woo

Vanaprasta; Credit: Winston Woo


Arlene's Grocery, 10/19/11

The experimental rock of Vanaprasta — Sanskrit for “forest dweller who has given up all worldly possessions” — was a bombastic way to conclude the first night of the festival.

The Hype Machine favorite whipped the 1:30 AM crowd into a frenzy, beginning a week of buzz for their forthcoming album Healthy Geometry, out November 1.

Odd Future

Terminal 5, 10/20/11

Perhaps the most publicized show of the entire festival, Odd Future turned huge west side Manhattan venue Terminal 5 into their own personal fun house. Their GG Allin meets Onyx stage show created a volatile environment, which crescendoed when Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats dove into the audience from the venue's second story balcony and crowd surfed back over the barriers without missing a beat.

But it wasn't just stunts, as each member alternated turns on the mic, everyone from Domo Genesis offering material from his new mixtape Under the Influence to Mike G's smooth new material.

Chaz Kangas; Credit: David Liebe Hart

Chaz Kangas; Credit: David Liebe Hart

The David Liebe Hart Band

Pete's Candy Store, 10/21/11

Best known for his work on Adult Swim's Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job and his decades as a public access puppeteer and Los Angeles street performer, cult icon David Liebe Hart brought his extra-terrestrial inspired song stylings to a packed show at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn.

Backed by a band that included Adam Papagan of L.A.'s The Del Talk Show, Hart debuted all new material that covered everything from Betty White to bedbugs and left everyone saying “Salame!”

The New Limb and Vanaprasta will be playing together at The Galaxy Theater's Constellation Room in Orange County on Sunday, November 6th.

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