KRW 100 Million Invested In Efficacy Test For Y-Shaped Pore Ampoule

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‘Signature Estud Protector 5.2’ (also known as Y-Shaped Pore Ampoule) of DEMAR3 was proven to be a product to enhance the area, volume, depth, and texture of pores.

Natural Substances Lab, the owner company of DEMAR3 coined a new term referring to the pore with loosen surface into Y-shape: “Y-shaped Pore.” The Natural Substances Lab proved that the same-aread pores may seem different depending on how much the pore surface is worn away, and the area of Y-shaped pores is seemingly larger than the others.

In order to improve Y-shaped pores, the research center designed and applied the 19 types of pore correction mechanisms and developed and commercialized the “Signature Estud Protector 5.2,” also known as “Y-Shaped Pore Ampoule.” Pore correcting refers to reducing the area, volume, and depth of the pores and tightening pore textures by reinforcing pore elasticity.

The human study conducted by the OATC Skin Clinical Trial Center indicates and confirms the efficacy of ‘Signature Estud Protector 5.2’ in pore tightening. The center made the test subjects apply the product for four weeks on their faces and found out that the pore area was reduced by 27.00% on average and 77.8% on maximum, the volume by 29.11%, the depth by 9.38%, and that the pore texture was improved by 6.25%.

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< Pore area reduction 4 weeks after using the Y-shaped pore ampoule >

In addition, the product has demonstrated that it is effective in ‘skin density’, ‘skin elasticity’, and ‘skin texture’, and its functionality in whitening, anti-wrinkles, and Dermatologist tested, proving that it improves overall skin conditions as well as Y-shaped pores.

“What was behind this sparkling success was a whopping R&D investment. As for the first quarter of the year 2022, 937% of the business profit was invested only in research and development.” said an official of DEMAR3. He also added that “DEMAR3 will be actively engaged in studying Y-shaped pores with unlimited investment.”

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