Klepto Bears NFT Collection Set to Reward Investors with Luxury Prizes as It Goes on Sale

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Childhood contains virtually everyone’s favorite moments in life, and there is usually a sentimental attachment that many people still have towards their childhood. Talented artist Amber Marie has tapped into those sentiments to create Klepto Bears, an NFT collection that brings back those childhood memories and a chance for investors to win fabulous prizes.

With a limited number of 10,000 Klepto Bears in the collection, they give away ten high-ticket prizes by releasing vaults for every 1,000 mints acquired. Those vaults will contain prizes, including a series of highly coveted items. The prizes include an iPhone 13 at the 1,000th mint, iPad Pro at the 2,000th, LG TV at the 3,000th, PlayStation 5 at the 4,000th, Xbox X at the 5,000th, Macbook Pro at the 6,000th, Versace Robe at the 7,000th, Louis Vuitton Backpack at the 8,000th, Rolex at the 9,000, and Tesla at the 10,000th.

Describing the project as envisaged by Amber Marie, the Klepto Bears website said: “Klepto bears are the face you see in a crowd, a cause for pause to say “I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere before?” How many toy boxes, how many teddy bears litter the story of each of us? How many treasures, how many relics, once loved have gone into the ether? Klepto bears connect to our childhood and offer an important chance to reconcile those memories – versions of ourselves.”

The Klepto Bears NFT collection is based on a fictional bailout and consequent heist that happens when the bears are minted. The reward of that minting is getting the bears to loot for their owners. These Klepto Bears were inspired by Amber Marie’s actual bear gift that her grandmother gave to her when she was five. It was her most treasured possession, and it made most of her childhood memories. Through Klepto Bears, she hopes to give the collectors and investors a story of adventures that the bear has been on while taking them on a nostalgic ride of their childhood memories. Amber Marie further cements herself as an artist whose work is recognized for the richness in color, fine details and intricate line-work.

Klepto Bears NFT collection has the backing of renowned art and  NFT enthusiast Armani Izadi who donated $100,000 towards the Klepto Bear Loot Boxes as a form of support for Amber’s talents and the potentials her collection has. Additionally, Amber’s affiliation with Graffiti Mansion has been a profitable partnership, and the effect of that partnership will be seen in the coming days.

Klepto Bears collection has a roadmap that promises so much, and unlike many other projects, Klepto Bears has guaranteed the fulfillment of all of its promises without delay. The roadmap consists of five stages named Heist 1 to 5, where different activities yield different results and rewards for everyone in the community. The Klepto Bear community welcomed Degens, Creatives, and investors who all wish to be part of this unique NFT collection drop.

Learn more about Klepto Bears and get more updates on the official website.


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