KITCHEN REMEDY formally known as BON APPETIT AGENCY has arrived.


The platform streamlines private chef services with weekly menus focused on healthy living for individuals and families. Formally known as BON APPETIT AGENCY, now relaunched to something even more grand… (drum roll please)…. KITCHEN REMEDY. The services are in the name itself.

Everyday Kitchen Remedies for those who need a little extra help in their day too day. Whether you hire a private chef, order their Michelin star meal prep, purchase any one of their KITCHEN REMEDY products or book, their culinary glam squad for pantry and fridge organization they have a little something for everyone.

We’ve tried it and it’s like therapy for your kitchen. They are turning the heart of the home into a more zen, functional living space. We now don’t want to leave our kitchens, which is major because that is the most lived in room of the house. It’s your very own private chef service, culinary market place and virtual restaurant all in one!

Dianna Brescia, founder, started this business based on her own experiences. Struggling with a health mystery for years and balancing a demanding career as a celebrity assistant, she struggled with getting the help in the kitchen she needed to properly heal.

She realized her love for cooking was much more and wanted to provide help for others going through the same thing. Whether they were healing from a chronic illness, just had a baby, or just help in the kitchen with their hectic day to day. She realized it all started in the KITCHEN.

They are now offering products to elevate your kitchen space and home. Dianna and her mentor (who’s name we will remain private but is a mogul in the skin care world) are looking at the bigger scheme of things when it comes to KITCHEN WELLNESS. They are now coming out with their very own products, from food to kitchen hand soap to so much more. We will just have to wait and see and catch them on the shelves in major retailers soon!

Most popular service? POSTPARTUM CHEFS, yep that’s right, a postnatal experienced chef will come to your home right after childbirth and handle all the kitchen work so you can bond with your new baby! – YES PLEASE! They also have their very own in-house health coach.

Locations they serve: LA, NYC, The Hampton’s

We ask Dianna what her overall plan is with the new KITCHEN REMEDY…

“This is my passion and purpose in life, I want to help others in the kitchen as much as I can. Whether that’s with our services or products… but eventually I want to incorporate every aspect of healing for someone, not just with food but mind, body and spirit to live their best life!”

Can you tell us about the products that are coming out starting with the kitchen soap?

“The smells are divine, they literally smell so good you’ll want to eat them, and technically you can, we only use ingredients that are natural and grown straight from the earth. We want people to see our products in homes and say, “I want that, what is it?”. It will definitely be an aesthetic for your kitchen. So yes, a very extra kind of kitchen hand soap if you will, which is actually good for your skin too! You can find out more about our products on our Chef Corner page of our website. From luxury soaps, chic farmers market bags, official kitchen remedy chef aprons and much more!”

To find out what’s NEW and cooking with KITCHEN REMEDY, Dianna and her chefs check them out below!



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