Kid Lit Music on How He Balances a Passion for Music with a Career in Corporate America

There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to make a living off your true passions. Many do not have the luxury of being in this position. Fear of failure and adverse circumstances are few of the reasons why people do not pursue their passions. Such is not the case with the popular Electro Soul artist, Kid Lit Music.

Kid Lit Music was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised as a first-generation American. His father was born on the island of Tobago and his mother was born in the country of Guyana. Both parents instilled a deep work ethic that has served Kid Lit Music’s interests as a student and now as a working adult.

While in college at Vanderbilt University, Kid Lit Music successfully pursued a degree in Chemistry. He recalls, “I was one of the few black Chemists at Vandy. I was very involved in campus culture as a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, President of the Caribbean Students Association, member of Student Government and a performing artist in a local band, among others.”

Throughout college and the years that followed, Kid Lit Music was very involved in singing and composing. He was a member of the Symphonic Choir, Weetu and the Truth, Jeremiah Generation, and Voices of Praise. Nashville was the perfect city for a young budding artist to grow his craft. After graduating from college, Kid Lit Music returned to Brooklyn, New York and pursued a career in Financial Sales, then Telecom. He is currently working in Medical Device Sales.

The passion for music never died down and Kid Lit Music realized he wanted to pursue music professionally along with his career in sales. He embraced the following four-point strategy. One was to utilize his current career to network and meet individuals who were interested in the music industry or played roles in it. Two was to treat music as if it were paying the same salary as his nine to five gig. Three was to create and grow an online brand and presence for both his sales career and music career. Fourth was to transition his sales career to be as remote as humanly possible.

That last point proved to be very fruitful especially in light of a global pandemic that ravaged our nations through 2020 and 2021. Although we have advanced, COVID 19 is still wreaking havoc. As the majority of commercial spaces in major metropolitan areas were vacated, the world had to learn to adapt to remote work. Kid Lit Music was already ahead of the curve. He pursued a career in business-to-business sales because he liked the idea that he could work remotely from home while still seeing his clients. Year after year, Kid Lit music has grown his book of business using digital technologies and advancement in communication.

Kid Lit Music has experienced much success as a performing artist, opening for the legendary Cece Peniston, releasing music videos that have garnered hundreds of thousands of views and increasing his social media presence to over 150,000 fans and followers. He has also experienced much success in his sales career, achieving sales awards and hitting his quota year to year. He says, “Our passions are very important to our mental health and I know if you truly have a plan and execute it with consistency, things will work in your favor.”

You can find Kid Lit Music’s latest releases and links to his social media on his website

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