Khalid Ahmed on Designing the Life You Want by Taking Risks

Most, if not all, people have dreams and aspirations to achieve great things in life— more income, luxury, and the capacity to help others. But the stark reality of it all is that not everyone will be able to achieve their aspirations. But for those that do, there are clear non-negotiables to a successful life. For Khalid Ahmed, that distinction is risk-averseness.

Khalid Ahmed, most popularly known in business circles as ISELLCOIN, knows what it’s like to build an empire from the ground up. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has built two highly-estemed companies in the e-commerce industry. Those two businesses sell weighted blankets and computer parts, whose demands have shot up amidst the changing landscape of the economy. Through his strategic business moves, he has also worked up a capital that has gone straight into business investments that have helped Ahmed significantly build up his net worth.

From the beginning, Khalid Ahmed was already known to be a risk-taker. So he worked hard to build up some capital and started investing immediately. After researching extensively, Ahmed decided that cryptocurrency would be his entry point into the investment world. The two coins he would bank heavily on were Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most significant cryptocurrencies today. In addition, Ahmed also invested in non-fungible token.

Khalid’s hunger for entrepreneurial growth didn’t come from a green eye for luxurious lifestyles. Instead, it was literally a fight for his survival. “My early success was dictated by the need to pay my medical bills,” explains Khalid Ahmed. “I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at nine and went into septic shock shortly after my diagnosis. As a result, my parents could barely pay their mortgage while trying to balance my bills.” After that life-threatening moment, Khalid resolved to work hard so that he and his family would never have to worry about money again.

While still in school, the entrepreneur started flipping all products for a profit. It started with old computer parts, which he would buy and sell for a basic markup. As soon as he built the muscle for sales, he started to work his way up. The big breakthrough came for Ahmed after he made a massive profit off flipping 4 AMD Radeon Graphics Cards, which were in very high demand because people used them for Bitcoin. That encounter would open his world up to cryptocurrency.

Ahmed worked a job at the Edward’s Cinema in West Covina to stack up cash and pour it into Bitcoin. While doing that, the serial entrepreneur continued to work heavily on his e-commerce business, building relationships with suppliers in China to get top-level products at the best prices possible. He then discovered weighted blankets, which he started selling in the west. He also had a store selling Marvel / DC-inspired pocket knives and another selling outdoor and hiking gear.

After all these years in business, Khalid Ahmed is now in a position he never remotely dreamed he could achieve in the beginning. He shares how the risks he took early on would be pivotal to his success and that anyone who wants to become successful will also need to take the same risks. Today, Ahmed can give his family a wonderful and comfortable life.

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