Kfir Amos: Hire the Right People and They Will Grow With Your Business

Kfir Amos LA Weekly 

Hiring in the post-COVID era can often be challenging. The basis of success for many businesses is gaining people’s interest, regardless of whether they are qualified for the position on offer. Therefore, the struggle is targeting recruitment and training towards people committed to growing your business and the skills to help achieve that goal. Kfir Amos employs this strategy as the CEO of Bay Tech Media.

Successful recruiters propose that employers should treat all applicants as if they are the ideal candidate rather than reinvent the wheel. The theory is that, while you may not have a ready-made model employee in front of you on day one, you can build one up with loyalty that could supersede your expectations. Kfir Amos has shared the three cornerstones of present-day recruiting that could contribute to your employee and company growth.

Give someone a chance

While it is often impossible to be overly selective with recruits in the current job market, identifying the right person among the masses and giving them a chance should be the first step you take.

“Finding the right people is super difficult,” Amos said. “Loyalty can be hard to come by. But if you don’t invest your loyalty in someone, they will have no reason to give it back to your company. So, when you find someone who aligns with your outlook on life, you should give them a chance.”

A three-month trial period could be a prime window to allow new employees to prove their loyalty. Providing them with a degree of responsibility, such as over a company project, could give you all the information you need to predict whether they will become your next employee of the month.

Provide extraordinary benefits

Plenty of companies boast on recruitment sites about their ‘industry-leading benefits programs’ that make working there worthwhile. But beyond a standardized portfolio of discounts, few go above and beyond to make their employees feel valued. Successful employers believe this is where you can make up ground to retain staff.

“If your employees stay around for a while, you have to show them you care about them by giving them bonuses,” Amos said. “During COVID, some employers proved their gratitude by having groceries delivered to their staff’s houses. Extra efforts like this can increase loyalty in your team.”

Nurture creativity

Your ultimate goal is company development, scalability, and growth. But the truth is your business cannot grow unless the individuals who make it up regularly think about new solutions. Once recruits have shown their ability and commitment to a company project, you should let them express their ability to think innovatively.

“The most important thing in many modern businesses is the ability to adapt and think outside of the box,” Amos said. “If you are not achieving the outcome you wanted, you need employees who can think of a new way to reach it. Creativity is more important than experience.”

Especially as many industries are faced with pandemic-based disruption or rapid global change, creativity is becoming one of the most sought-after characteristics in applicants. While its prevalence is not within your control, you can create a positive environment where employees feel free to take a project in their own direction. They will only be motivated to do that if they are loyal to your company.

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