Keith Berry: How The “KO Kid” Became The “NFT kid”

With the recent explosion of popularity in non-fungible tokens or NFTs, it’s no wonder that more and more people are interested in learning about them. NFTs are a unique type of cryptocurrency that allows for the ownership of digital assets. This means that they can be used to represent anything from art and music to in-game items and even real-world property.

Many celebrities, public figures, and even athletes have adopted NFT culture and technology as a means of monetization for their creative works. One such public figure and athlete that has become well-known in the NFT community as an expert and fanatic is former pro fighter Keith “NFT Kid” Berry.

Screenshot 2022 10 27 at 10.53.38 AMBerry is a professional fighter with over 40 fights under his belt and holds records in California for the fastest knockout, which is why people used to call him the “KO Kid.” Berry also started a local charity, sponsoring kids 12 and under for martial arts competitions. However, Keith decided to retire early from fighting to get into crypto and go all in on NFTs. “I put a billboard in my hometown with the title ‘NFTs are the future,’ and I’m known in the NFT space for buying from small artists and supporting the cannabis culture as well” Says Berry.

Keith Berry has become quite popular in the Web3 space, gaining a massive following on social media related to his involvement in the digital art and NFT community. Keith says he went from 3,500 followers to 154.2k followers on Twitter in one year due to his passionate involvement in the NFT community.”

 Keith is a fanatic about all things web3 and says he intends to use his audience on Twitter to support the community and spread positivity. According to the “NFT Kid,” collecting NFTs has become a lifestyle and routine for him. Berry says he has collected over 1,600 NFTs from Solana and ETH chains and that most have been from small artists.

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Although many NFTs have bright colors and cut designs, launching and selling an NFT is a challenge for some creatives, and due to the current bear market affecting crypto, it is currently even more difficult to thrive. After 15 years of professional fighting experience, Berry says one simple rule has helped him through even the toughest of times: “Never give up mentally.” According to Berry, No matter how many punches life throws at you, the only way to avoid a metaphorical knockout is to never give up in your mind, which Keith says is how he has avoided getting knocked out both literally and metaphorically.

Keith “NFT Kid” Berry continues to rise in popularity due to his ongoing and consistent involvement within the NFT community. Keith hopes to one day become The biggest NFT and blockchain influencer on social media, helping onboard, supporting artists, and also being able to take on more charitable sponsorships.

To keep up with the professional MMA fighter turned NFT collector, be sure to follow him on Twitter @kokid951

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