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Rocky, the American blockbuster starring Sylvester Stallone, is a classic boxing movie. It can be said that it was this movie that instigated the love and fondness towards this sport. Although boxing was common in many parts of the world, and people participated in it in huge numbers, the sport took an ugly turn. This sport became a mecca of bets and deals. Boxing in the early eras was done with bare hands. So not only were the bets and deals illegal, but the sport also became brutal. As much as the participants liked fighting bare-knuckled, a ban was put on them as it was becoming too harmful and dangerous.

As of lately, boxing has lost some of its charms, and it has significantly lost many of its participants and enthusiasts. Professor B. Dexterous is one personality who is constantly making efforts to revive this sport. His immense love for boxing, which he refers to as PrizeFighting, has allowed him to take a step further and launch his very own boxing awareness program. Professor B. Dexterous is a USA amateur boxing coach who has trained several individuals and helped them channel their inner power.

Professor B. Dexterous is a talented and versatile personality who has left no stone unturned in reviving this sport. Through his venture, he aims to make people realize the importance and significance of boxing, how it can be used as a source of good entertainment, as well as an incubator to foster self-esteem. He is a people person and is admired by many. He is popularly known as a PRO in the boxing world. Belonging to Cleveland, Ohio, Dexterous has a rich professional background that represents his intellect and experience. Dexterous graduated from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with High Honors. He was passionate about his career choices and so pursued what he liked the most.

After passing with distinction, Professor B. Dexterous enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. He served diligently for six years and proved himself to be dedicated and professional. He became the first African-American to head a General Diagnostic Medical Sonography Department in Arkansas state history. This was a proud moment for him and his family. He then went on and trained numerous physicians across the country in Physics and Instrumentation, as well as Diagnostic Imaging Optimization Principles of Sonography. Being a decorated U.S. Air Force veteran and an educator for many years, his character resonates with strength, resilience, persistence, and power. During his tenure in the Armed Forces, he won multiple awards, including; the United States Air Force Personnel Specialist of the Year and Airman Leadership School John L. Levitow Award. He was also nominated for the Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award (TOYA).

In addition to serving in the Air Force, Dexterous is a lecturer, spiritual advisor, and community activist. His warm personality shows his care and support for his community. Through his achievements and successes, he aims to inspire the upcoming generation of his community and guide them on the right path.


Married with four children, Dexterous’ brain functions as a father. He is aware of the bullying and everyday struggles that children have to go through. Because of his military training and experience, his mind is wired to think defensively. Using his passion and love for boxing and the thought of making his children well-rounded, he launched a boxing training platform. He specializes in working with the younger boxers, whom he motivates and brings out the best in. He helps them maximize their strengths which aids in their personal growth and development, and also how they can use leadership principles to bring a positive change in the world effectively.

Professor B. Dexterous is inspired by elite boxers such as Gervonta Davis, Jaron Ennis, Devin Haney, Claressa Shields, and Shakur Stevenson. Drawing inspiration from these ultra-gifted and talented prizefighters, Dexterous trains his students with some of the same strategies and techniques used for professional and national-level boxers.

Dexterous’ passion for boxing can be measured when he says, “My purpose is to Generate Light Outwardly from Within (GLOW)! By doing so, I can serve the world my gift of teaching through my passion for prizefighting. As a result, others will have a more positive perspective regarding their own unique personal knowledge, skills, abilities, and potential, which will ultimately inspire everyone to GLOW, and collectively light up the world.

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