KeaBabies: Championing Bonding Time through a One-Stop Baby and Maternity Solution  

The search for suitable baby and maternity products can turn into a long winding task for many parents and parents-to-be. In the market, baby and maternity brands tend to specialize in specific product categories rather than offering a comprehensive product range. This means that rookie parents will have extra homework: researching a plethora of brands to find the best choice for their little ones.

Can new parents actually afford to do this? When you have a tiny human depending on you 24/7 for livelihood, time becomes a currency. In the very first months, even the simplest thing like taking a shower or a nap is overrated. So many new things to juggle and learn, yet so little time. And of course, who wouldn’t want some carefree time to bond with this amazing human that you’ve brought into this world? KeaBabies understands that spending hours seeking the most reliable baby wrap carrier – or the most versatile diaper bag – is something that is the least of new parents’ priorities.

Founded by parents themselves, KeaBabies stepped up to simplify the lives of parents in every home. Designed as an ever-growing baby and maternity ecosystem, the brand has been offering baby and maternity products with unwavering quality, ease-of-use, and gender-neutral, contemporary designs. With the US and Canada as their major markets, they offer finer products that are safe, developed responsibly based on thorough research, and inspired by parents’ firsthand insights.

Through their wide selection of products and top-notch customer service, KeaBabies has been helping parents save time and make ways for more bonding and connection. “Basically, creating more wonderful moments together,” said Jane Neo, Co-founder of KeaBabies. Her own motherhood journey inspired her to build a baby and maternity solution beyond merely providing products – she went full-on to build an ecosystem of support for new parents.

KeaBabies offers a growing number of award-winning products that have been put under stringent safety tests to meet international safety standards. They have also been using certified organic materials that are gentle to delicate skin. Specializing in early childhood years, the progressive brand is now offering 6 major product categories ranging from pregnancy and maternity products to smart, sleek products for parents on-the-go.

Describing her motherhood style, Jane is a big believer in parent-child bonding moments, which she sees as paramount to secure, healthy and happy growing years. “We envisioned KeaBabies to be parents’ trusted companion in nurturing their child’s full potential,” noting that customers can rely on them for quality, safety and value. KeaCommunity, a community platform alongside the brand, has been connecting parents from all over the world.

Running the brand on their own funding allows Jane, who co-founded the brand with her husband, Ivan Ong, to have full independence in making strategic decisions. This gives them the competitive edge in optimizing value creations, and delivering added values such as community and insightful stream of parenting content. As the Chief Executive Officer of KeaBabies, Ivan always puts customers first and foremost. “We authentically connect and listen,” said Ivan. KeaBabies promises 24/7 customer service and KeaCare 365-day money-back warranty, making customers the heart of their operation.

From their founding year in 2017, KeaBabies now reaches 3 million customers worldwide, fulfilling over 3,000 orders daily. They are now in 13 countries, including the US, Canada, Germany, UK, France and Italy. “We are well on our way towards an ecosystem that offers the widest range of internationally-certified baby and maternity products,” closed Ivan.

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