Kayan Vrzic Dominates The Positive Minded Multifamily Investors

Kayan Vrzic, Managing Director at Vrzic, a Real Estate Investment Group, has a mission to create better communities by investing and beautifying the multifamily properties in their expansive portfolio across the United States.

This by no means came naturally for her. Kayan and her family are immigrants who came to America to hope for a better future. Her parents, without speaking any English, decided to leave everything they knew behind to start a new life to give her a chance to succeed in the land of opportunities. “My parents thought that if I can just graduate college and work for a large corporation, I’ll be successful because it will provide job security and stability, so the idea of becoming my own boss was something I never thought I would be,” said Kayan Vrzic. Surely, this doesn’t seem to be the grandeur life that her parents risked everything for, but she saw that this complacency and stagnant career path were amongst her peers and friends too. They all received college degrees and have a career, but their salaries were capped. Kayan knew she wanted more, and she wanted to create and build wealth, not just be rich. She knew she couldn’t do it by working for someone.

She set her goals high and worked her way up to gain experience and knowledge. With over a decade-and-a-half of experience in developing, managing and operating ground-up developments, retail, commercial and class A luxury buildings in the largest and most expensive project in the history of the US, Kayan Vrzic soon came to realize that the only way to create and maintain wealth is by investing in multifamily properties.

“I was obsessed with building generational wealth and went off to find out what the wealthy were doing compared to what the rich were doing and how they were sustaining during recessions and pandemics”, stated Kayan Vrzic. This grit brought her to a eureka moment of understanding that multifamily is the end all, be all of what will soon be her main focus and investment strategies.

Kayan Vrzic and the Vrzic company focuses on investing and redeveloping multifamily properties across the United States, purchasing B and C class assets, then beautifying the units to increase the properties’ value while satisfying and retaining happy tenants. Kayan firmly says, “A home isn’t just four walls and a roof; it’s where people live and make memories. We have a goal to change and improve the quality of living for our tenants.” Notably, Kayan aims to become the best landlord and create assets that will continue to prosper and withstand any recession and pandemic. She credits her success by prioritizing helping the tenants first, identifying the problems and ensuring that the repairs and renovations are done immediately.

Kayan’s intuitive and strategic ways of structuring and closing deals earned her the nickname “Lipstick Shark”. She has created meticulous strategies that are valuable in evaluating and purchasing multifamily properties. Kayan is a diamond in the rough when it comes to finding off-market, income-producing properties in landlord-friendly states, including Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

When forming partnerships with investors and building a team, Kayan Vrzic strongly agrees that working with positive and like-minded people will bring a more prosperous outcome. Most businesses are relational, especially in real estate; it’s all about building solid foundations and solid relationships. This belief has helped her and the company retain a long list of investors who all share a common goal: to build generational wealth while bettering the living standards of the tenants in the multifamily properties they own.

Kayan Vrzic and the Vrzic company are dedicated to enriching the lives of the people in every community they invest in by improving the living standards and transforming the structures one asset at a time.

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