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Time, that’s all we have. And today there are many ways to spend it. For model and entrepreneur Katia Jundi, exploring the world of luxury watches is the best way to make the most of her time. Her passion for luxury watches and fine craftsmanship has made her a known face in the luxury industry. With over 20 years backing her expertise and a nuanced understanding of exquisite craftsmanship, Katia’s word is one of authority and reliability when it comes to her favorite subject – luxury watches or as she likes to call it ‘the art of crafting time.’

“It’s all about love.”

 Craftsmanship is not a word to be loosely thrown around. It’s like a pinnacle of some of the best forms of articulation, patience, beauty, and balance that humanity has ever expressed. Katia knows and understands the uniqueness of each timepiece and is held in “awe each time I wear a statement piece. It’s as if I am the caretaker of something exquisite and otherworldly.” She adds, “For me, it’s beyond a status symbol, it’s a reminder of all the best things that men and women are capable of creating.” It’s rightfully said that true art and true craftsmanship is not for “the faint-hearted,” it’s for those who have the eye to value that which must be valued with care, respect, and deep admiration. 

“Bling it on.”

 Katia has won many accolades in her two-decade career. Today as a mother of two, Katia is beginning to master the art of work-life balance. And she finds her inspiration in nothing less than a Swiss watch, “The result of every little aspect of your day-to-day interaction, your meetings, your jobs everything has to come together like a Swiss watch.” With time sashaying its many walks on her wrist, Katia finds inspiration in the fierce precision and time-tested reliability of luxury watches.

Owning a luxury watch is a landmark.

 From days when she “didn’t know a 50$ watch from a $1 million watch” to becoming a successful model and influencer, Katia has come a long way. And a major part of her success lay in understanding that the “price difference variation wasn’t just limited to the gold and diamonds and the bling factor that you would expect in a watch. It was more about what was inside the watch.”

A luxury watch speaks louder than words.

 “You don’t buy a luxury watch. You own it.” The luxury watch segment has seen an immense boost since the turn of the century. Owe it to people’s improved financial prospects or the unprecedented level of information available at one’s fingertips, luxury watches are now on many-a bucket lists. According to Katia, people have come to believe that owning a luxury watch is a way of letting the world know who you are and how far you have come, she says, “A watch you will choose will say a lot about you.” 

Luxury watches are the source of Katia’s passion. She is inspired by the aesthetics and discipline of their craftsmanship. With time itself a luxury, there’s has been no better time than now to appreciate the sophisticated grandeur of luxury watches.


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