Kathleen “Frankie” Takes Charge As New President of R3 Stem Cell

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While speaking to Kathleen “Frankie” Francesca, I felt her passion for her profession. Frankie is the COO of R3 Medical Training, a regenerative medicine training facility that works to advance medical professionals’ stem cell technology skills.

R3 is launching a new 7,000 sq. ft. facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, where their first training will take place this October– a big move for the company that has only victories ahead. Frankie goes in depth about what this training entails.

“I’m able to help doctors and medical practices to elevate their practice,” said Frankie. “We have over 40 doctors coming in from all over the world to learn from our faculty. We’re training them on Regenerative Aesthetics; Ultrasound-guided injections; and Comprehensive Protocols on Exosomes, Stem Cells, and PRP.”

Attendees get hands-on experience with a small class and four-day training. As part of R3’s unique Heroes Program, Frankie personally picks military veterans, and offers them free regenerative procedures.

“It’s basically our way of giving back,” Frankie continues.

Alongside Kathleen’s many accomplishments, she has also worked with many stars. With clients like Dancing with the Stars guest Trevor Donovan, UFC fighters, and other celebrities, Frankie is no stranger to helping the famous. One of the new Brand Ambassadors that Frankie is working with is General Hospital and All My Children star Cameron Mathison. The actor, who was diagnosed as a child with a degenerative bone condition called Legg Calve Perthes disease, is working with R3 in hopes of avoiding a hip replacement. R3 gave him a stem cell injection in his hip to boost his immune function. Another one of her Brand Ambassadors is Something Borrowed, Melrose Place, Client’s List, and All My Children actor Colin Egglesfield.

“If you put your mind into it, you can accomplish anything,” expressed Frankie. “I don’t think there’s anything that’s impossible in this world as long as you’re dedicated. You’re motivated in your focus. Don’t ever lose hope.”

Dr. David Greene, the CEO of R3, has been a big inspiration to Frankie. Greene’s fast action and “just do it” mentality encourages Frankie to continue striving for success on her career journey. A partnership is essential to a thriving business; anything is possible with a great team.

“We’ve accomplished a lot, and without his focus and determination and his drive, I don’t think we will get this far,” continued Frankie. A partnership is essential to a thriving business; anything is possible with a great team.

Later in the interview, I asked if she could describe what a “girl boss” means to her, and her reply was powerful and critical. Frankie aspires to set an example for single mothers and women; her resilience is proof.

“You should be able to be flexible to accomplish what needs to be accomplished,” said Frankie. “You need to be able to lead but also be a team player, someone who sees a situation and thinks of a solution right away.”

Being a boss is rewarding, but it can also be mentally and physically draining. Frankie makes sure to time out of business mode with regular visits to the spa, where she relaxes and gives herself a break from the many titles she has earned. She also explains that fifteen minutes of daily silence is fundamental to decompressing.

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