The coronavirus pandemic gave a lot of people time to pick up new hobbies and skills. For Karyna Romanova, a model and talented actress, the time was spent in practicing her skills as a DJ to launch herself in the music industry. Wanting to inspire other beginners who wish to enter the music world, Karyna has shared her story of building her career as a DJ.

Creativity is an essential part of Karyna. She has always associated herself with work and hobbies where self-expression is at its core. She moved to the United States a few years back and has worked hard to become a model and actor. The lockdown gave her time to work on her interest in music and she has been working relentlessly to improve her skills as a DJ. In recent months, she has solely focused on her promising potential as a DJ, actively working to make music.

When asked about how DJing sparked her interest, Karyna answered, “It opened up a new world and perception of music for me.” Because of the newly ignited passion, she has taken the effort to go through the complexity of producing music while observing the works of the greatest DJs in the industry. She has analyzed and explored the tracks of professionals, gaining inspiration to make her own.

Working on her determination to become a DJ, Karyna has associated herself with several people with the same interest. She has had many conversations with people in the industry and learned a lot of valuable lessons. The conversations and association with people in the industry have given her new ideas for her own tracks. She takes advantage of the creative moments and takes her time to play more and work on making herself better.

“You have to take advantage of the opportunity,” says Karyna on meeting and making friends with people in the music industry. Because she is committed to learning DJing, she has taken her time to attend as many entertainment events as possible. Karyna is aware that in these times, DJs are hired at almost every show.

She tries to communicate with professionals from the industry at every opportunity she has and makes sure to learn as much as she can. Besides making connections, Karyna has also recognized that observation and constant practice are essential factors that affect the development of a DJ.

Karyna continues to push herself and gain as much knowledge as she can as she devotes her time to making music regularly. Karyna has confirmed that she is working on her new track. She is excited to release it and hopes to announce the date of release soon.

For aspiring DJs, Karyna shares the advice that it is important to know how to handle professional equipment properly. She advises beginners to work on creating a unique music style that sets them apart from others by giving them an identity. Karyna has said that through a unique style and identity, DJs can let the audience see the artist’s inner world, one filled with creativity and imagination.

You can follow her in her journey as a DJ, model, and actor on Instagram.

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