Prop This!
Re “Proposition 8: Fuck That! Mito Aviles and Chad Michael Morrisette’s Subtle West Hollywood Rooftop Installation,” by Gendy Alimurung (Style Council, May 28):

Demonizing same-sex-marriage opponents might make you feel better but isn’t a very good way to win over any of the more than 7 million California voters who voted yes on Prop. 8. Not only does it, like Perez Hilton, reveal a mean-spiritedness I thought only gay-haters were capable of, it reveals a more fundamental fact: Those who yell and scream and shout have no other message and lack confidence in their own argument.

—Comment by Christopher Marc


The only reason that 7 million voters voted yes on 8 is because they are ignorant. I wonder how they would feel if we suddenly took away their right to marry the person they love. I am a straight married mother of a young son and I am embarrassed that my son will see that we have stripped rights from people … gay, straight, it doesn’t matter. If you have a heart, you are human. That is all that should matter.

—Comment by April


So L.A. Weekly only recognizes hate speech when it is directed at the groups it supports. Tolerance is not selective. The majority of Californians voted for Proposition 8 and voted for traditional marriage. People have the right to vote their values if they so choose without risk of intimidation.

—Comment by Susie


Fifty-two percent is HARDLY a majority, Susie. Just wait, your “values” will be forced to change with the rest of society.

—Comment by Jackie


Anatomy of a Murder
Re “Esteban Núñez Case: Bad Little Suburban Boys,” by Christine Pelisek (May 29):

This is by far the best, most in-depth article I’ve read about this case. I especially appreciate your having distinguished the boys from one another. You did a wonderful job of illustrating Thomas’ role in this tragic incident as compared to the other boys.

—Comment by Jemerin from L.A.


Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive review of this crime. Those of us who know the Santos family are hardly over the grief that October brought, and are intensely interested in justice being served properly, politics aside. The best fight against the advantage that money brings is solid factual information, spread widely and intelligently. You have served that goal well.

—Comment by A Friend from Bay Area


I wonder which contained more lies per sentence — Villaraigosa’s letter on behalf of Esteban Núñez, or his letter to Bill Clinton requesting the release of Carlos Vignali.

—Comment by spaceland from San Diego


There are crime reporters, and then there is Christine Pelisek, who brings a literary quality to the unthinkable and unimaginable. My thanks for your continuing good work and the in-depth research that you bring to your stories.

—Comment by Hawkshaw from Pasadena


As a longtime friend of the Santos family who held Luis when he was born, I was shocked and tremendously grieved at his loss. When I heard of the arrests I was heartened. Then I heard about all this political jockeying and was ever so disappointed. A sweet young man was brought down in his prime for what? Four privileged young men are accused of that crime. None of this blaming the victim or using political clout changed the fact that Luis is gone and lost to his family forever. Everyone involved in this case needs to remember a life was lost and the guilty parties need to accept their punishment. I would like to applaud the author for excellent research and a fair portrayal of everyone involved. I hope justice prevails for all.

—Comment by KMC from Bellevue


“Lu Santos’ crime the night he died at San Diego State was his ridiculous, drunken bragging that he was carrying ‘a piece’ — a fatal and almost certainly untrue crack.” The media has reported this story in a very biased manner. Numerous witnesses heard his threat. Two witnesses saw the bulge. One even said, “If it was not a real gun, it certainly looked real.” It is sad Luis Santos died. But making threats with a gun is no joke. It is unfair for anyone to assess guilt without being there and knowing what happened. I have sympathy for Luis Santos, his friends and his family. Just as I have sympathy for the “suspects.” Because as the facts have it, nothing has disproved the claim that Núñez and his friends were threatened with a gun. However the night transpired, it is a sad story, and out of respect for all, judgment should be withheld until all facts are revealed in court.

—Comment by Phil from San Diego


You have to wonder what a group of expensively educated young men were doing walking around the town armed with knives and with an apparent intent to kill (you don’t stab someone in the heart unless you want the blow to be fatal). I just hope justice is served, and not bought off, as has a tendency to happen in the U.S. It sounds like these men really need to realize that life is not one big episode of The Wire. Shame on them!

—Comment by Moray from London


Raw Deal
Re “Mo-Chica: The Best Peruvian Ceviche Might Be in a Warehouse South of Downtown,” by Jonathan Gold (May 29):

You just stole my heart, J. Gold. I love Peru, love Peruvian food, and now love you.

—Comment by Bachatatera


There are lots of Peruvian restaurants in the Valley but I doubt that J.G. will ever review any of them. The same goes for the hundreds of Mexican places.

—Comment by Lori from Van Nuys


“A much better ceviche restaurant than the one I had been trying to walk to. It was the best ceviche I ever had.” This is the only food review I have ever read that is structured like a Simpsons episode. Bravo!

—Comment by hotspur from Hollywood

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