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The Roseland neighborhood of southside Chicago is home to hip hop artist and sound engineer Juice The Composer. His dreams of becoming a professional athlete, inspired by role model Kobe Bryant, were cut short by an incurable genetic disease. In an interview, Juice The Composer described his transition to music, saying, “I then found my true purpose in music and brought the Mamba mentality to hip hop. Doctors told him the majority of people with his condition would not have survived as long as he has, so Juice The Composer holds firmly that, “outside of music, I am here to be the role model for a brighter future.”

Juice The Composer’s journey toward making music was spurred by his grandmother, an avid fan of classical and soul music, who introduced him to music at the age of ten. Now, though an independent artist, Juice The Composer has found great success in engineering his own music and collaborating with a vast set of producers to create beats. This up-and-coming artist also spoke in his interview about the message behind his music. Drawing insight from his own life struggles and experiences, he relates, “After listening to my music, I want people to feel inspired and motivated to achieve their purpose. Do not let anyone tell you what you cannot be. Fans should also get a sense of financial literacy after consuming my music.” This message goes hand in hand with where Juice The Composer finds his own motivation. He states, “my greatest inspiration for music is the youth. Being able to show them a better way is what inspires me the most.”



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