Joseth Francois’ Media Company Sertified Casting Launches New Dating Show 1 Date in 50 States

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Sertified Casting, a media company founded by film producer Joseth Francois, is launching a new dating show titled “1 Date in 50 States.” Sponsored by the dating application Sweet Pea, the series will feature a cast of influencers who will go on dates in every state in America. Each date will give the influencers an opportunity to connect with another single person on a unique date like Raves, Hot tub boating, Sky Diving, and more. The upcoming dating series will be produced by Francois, who made a name for himself during his time spent working on the Vlog Squad, one of the most well-known content creation groups. Having decided to move on from the group, Francois is excited to be creating new content with new ensembles.

“Dating can be complicated in these technology-driven times, so I wanted to create a show that allows single people to connect with one another in engaging, face-to-face interactions. ‘1 Date in 50 States’ takes dating shows to a new level, allowing the cast members to connect with one another through unique experiences throughout the country,” said Joseth Francois, CEO of Sertified Casting. “This dating show is the first of its kind—audiences will be intrigued to see the variety of different types of dates our cast of influencers will get to experience while traveling the United States.”

All dates in the series will be organized by the Sweet Pea dating application. The company behind the dating show, Sertified Casting, has booked talent with established brands such as Nike, Iheartradio, and Dunkin’ Donuts. They also have been known for working with some of the top creators in Los Angeles. Now they have expanded by doing castings in Atlanta, Miami & New York for content creators like Kai Cenat and his group AMP Exclusive and in Los Angeles for Lexi Hansler and Amp World. Interested viewers will be able to stream Joseth Francois’ show “1 Date in 50 States” online.

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