Joseph Levy continues to surpass impossible odds and sets targets on new endeavors

Joseph Levy, the young entrepreneur behind GTL Marketing, steps back from daily operations to explore new business opportunities

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For Joseph Levy, the talent behind GTL Marketing, opportunity is everywhere.

After scaling back from his role as an active leader in the company, he has searched for new challenges that fit his grand ambitions. And while there is still potential in a number of his possible moves, he is never one to slow down.

Currently, he is exploring potential business ideas and concepts, with two significant projects already beginning to take shape.

Both projects require a departure from the marketing world for the young entrepreneur.

“I am actively looking to diversify my portfolio,” Levy said. “What that means for the future remains in the air, but some ideas have come to the forefront, and others are already in play.”

Levy looks to soon accomplish one of his long-term goals by developing a new NYC nightclub.

Details remain sparse, but he has promised the location would meet the expectations of even the most discerning club goer.

“I have been developing this idea for some time now, and some big announcements are coming,” he said. “We are closing in on an amazing location in Brooklyn. Once the spot is secured, we will be moving full steam ahead to bring one of the hottest clubs to the scene.”

Club “Noctem” will include VIP areas, premier bottle service, live music and some of the most exciting DJs from NYC and beyond.

“I envision the location becoming a veritable hotspot for the city’s young talent to let loose and enjoy some of the best amenities found anywhere in the city,” Levy said. “I am excited to share details as they progress.”

While club details continue to develop, the hunt to diversify his portfolio and the search for other business opportunities continues.

Levy first splashed onto the scene with GTL Marketing, pushing the digital advertising firm from an idea to an 8-figure agency, home to over 35 top-notch employees.

And he did it in only six years.

“It was a whirlwind of activity,” Levy said. “Establishing GTL Marketing into a premier digital marketing agency required countless sleepless nights and a level of determination that I find is rare. Our tremendous success depended on finding creative solutions to everyday problems.”

While Levy plans to remain involved in a much smaller way moving from an active leader of the organization to a minority owner, he sees the move as an opportunity to assess and develop other ideas, using what he learned running GTL Marketing and applying those lessons to other proposals.

But as he looks to the future, he is also taking a moment to reflect and share.

Soon, his story will be available to the public, as Levy will soon release a book detailing his business ventures.

“I’m using my downtown time to write a living history of the development of GTL Marketing,” Levy said. “But the book is going to be more than just a how-to. It details my insights and struggles from launching the company and turning it into a respected and highly successful national agency.”

“I hope it starts a conversation among fellow entrepreneurs and business owners and helps them find their footing as they develop their endeavors.”

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