Jorge Hurtado and Jared Claybrook: Giving a Voice to Those Who Need It Most

Jorge Hurtado and Jared Claybrook know that everyone has a story to tell. They also know that life doesn’t always give people a fair opportunity to speak their peace. Anyone who has been affected by the US prison system can attest that finding support is difficult throughout the incarceration process. From getting arrested to being behind bars, individuals often feel helpless and voiceless. That’s why Jorge and Jared created Conspiraci, an innovative platform designed to give individuals all the resources they need behind bars and after their release.

Both founders have been personally affected by the US prison system, which is why they’re so passionate about improving the process for incarcerated individuals. Jared grew up with a father who was in and out of the prison system, while Jorge received a DUI during a period of hardship in his life. He only spent 12 hours in jail, but it was enough to open his eyes about the flaws in the US prison system. He learned how hard it was to get help from inside a jail cell. Jorge didn’t realize it at the time, but that night would eventually lead to the creation of Conspiraci.

As a former member of the US navy, Jorge initially found it hard to adjust to civilian life. After his arrest he decided that he wanted to turn his life around and study criminal justice. He would get the idea for Conspiraci during an Intro to Criminal Justice class. Jorge asked his professor, a veteran LEO and correctional officer, what happened in between an individual’s arrest and final destination. His professor responded that he honestly didn’t know and had wondered about the process himself. Jorge immediately saw an opportunity and launched Conspiraci. His goal was to create a helpful platform for anybody affected by the prison system.

Conspiraci has become a place for those behind bars to voice their opinions and give firsthand statements of their process and treatment throughout their incarceration. It also offers resources for individuals upon their release, such as 12 step and re-entry programs, and housing solutions. Jorge and Jared believe that circumstances should never limit someone’s ability to tell their side of the story. Those behind bars deserve to give their own account of what happens in correctional facilities. Conspiraci is a business that caters to those who don’t always have the means to tell their stories. It’s a self-made platform that promotes the freedom of speech for activists, and is dedicated to letting the voices behind the walls be heard.

The platform is a rapidly growing venture that Jared and Jorge are hoping to turn into a full time enterprise. Jorge is currently a full time wildland firefighter for the US Forest Service, while Jared also works in security operations. Although both find it a challenge to balance Conspiraci with their full time jobs, they are extremely proud of the platform’s growth and the amount of effort they have been able to put into it. Since the platform’s inception, Conspiraci has experienced continual growth within their online presence. They have been able to create a significant amount of reach on social media in a short period of time. Both Jorge and Jared are excited to continue being advocates for unheard voices and creating a difference in people’s lives.

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