Jordan Alexander King, aka King Komm, is committed to helping independent artists grow in their careers; strikes a partnership with venture capitalists.

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Jordan King, who goes by the stage name King Komm, formerly known as Xander, is a Toronto-based artist and a successful entrepreneur with multiple ventures across Canada. He is now bringing a new era in the music industry to provide a launch pad to independent artists by partnering with venture capitalists, enabling artists to grow in their careers and reach a broader audience.

Komm Music – Jordan’s music label – founded in 2011, has been recognized for producing valuable work in the field of music and continues to add value by supporting artists such as Say Rex. He has released incredible music like ‘Love Find Us,’ and “Crazy,” featuring Sean Kingston from his recent album. The music is gaining popularity on all music charts, with weekly streams increasing significantly.

Komm Music has three artists, all with exciting projects in the pipeline. Jordan truly believes in providing an avenue for young artists to showcase their talents and find their audience. He partnered with Lil’ C to execute a joint venture agreement to bridge the gap from aspiring Canadian artists to veteran producers. This agreement saw a few successful collaborations, such as Toronto’s Roney and Pilla B.

Talking about the incredible success of Kommunity (the parent company of Komm Music), Jordan attributed it to the team’s commitment to producing top-notch music and creative problem-solving. “I found my passion in music early on, and since then, I have been involved in this industry by producing music or developing and managing talent,” he said.

Komm believes in the power music exhibits and wants to create an opportunity for all talented artists to be able to make music. While supporting new artists is one of the facets of Komm Music, King Komm is a well-recognized musician with several hits under his belt.

One of his singles, “Rider,” with Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates ft. Say Rex recorded significant success garnering millions of streams since its release in 2017. Another popular one is “Don’t Know Y’all” with Atlanta’s Young Dro on the album “The Takeover,” which also features production from Lil’ C Gutta, who is known to have collaborated with artists such as T.I., Lil’ Wayne, Chris Brown, Jeezy and Meek Mill.

He recently collaborated with Prove and released singles “Losing my mind” and “Gone tomorrow.” Both are off to a spectacular start! King’s music has created a niche in the industry and is continually climbing on all charts.

Through TUK Events (his promotional event company with offices in Toronto and NYC), Jordan has also organized and managed several key events for artists such as Fat Joe, Nelly, Akon, T.I, N.O.R.E, etc. It will continue to expand in this direction.

A real estate wizard and serial entrepreneur, Jordan has gained significant traction from his audience and peers since he first started in 2011. His objective now is to strike partnerships with key venture capitalists who share the same vision and enable tremendously talented independent artists to rise in their careers.

Some latest reports show that music streaming makes up 84% of the U.S. music industry revenue, and almost 82.1 million Americans are paid subscribers to on-demand music streaming. Few researchers also predict NFTs to disrupt the music industry in the coming future.

These numbers are a testament to the fact that new platforms are at the forefront of this revolution and are paving the way for independent artists. These latest trends have also piqued the interest of significant investment funds.

Another exciting trend gaining significant traction is selling masters to large investment funds. Some experts have observed a steep rise in the rights acquisitions from artists, songwriters etc.

“Music is an art, and genuinely talented people should get a chance to exhibit their art to the world. That’s my goal, and venture capitalists can play the role of catalyst in this endeavour!” Jordan remarked. “I believe this is a golden era for the music industry, and online streaming has been a major driver for this renewed growth,” he added.

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