Joko Crypto adds actual use of utilities to bring out the uniqueness of the KunciCoin project.

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Utilities are the backbone of any crypto project. They hold all of the necessary functionality required to build and maintain a project. Without them, the product will lose its functionality and uniqueness. This is why it’s so important to choose the best ones. KunciCoin will set the standard for CryptoCurrency Utilities with its unique approach to building utilities. It’s necessary to build a unique utility on the Blockchain to differentiate a token from others. In theory, the first use case a Utility has can become the standard for all future CryptoCurrency Utilities.

That’s where our developers come in. They are crafting the utilities that will make our ecosystem unique and allow users to enjoy many features and services.

Joko Crypto is the developer and investor of Coin Kunci – the leading blockchain-based coin platform in Indonesia. He believes that his role as an investor gives him an excellent opportunity to contribute to the crypto community. Since the very beginning, he has believed in utilities that make blockchain technology alive. He believes that utilities are the main success factor for any crypto project!

When Joko developed KunciCoin, he added benefits such as Arjuna, solar panel units, and other facilities to use a rewards mechanism in coins and derivatives. The KunciCoin system will also provide a marketplace that allows collectors to conduct transactions and create their NFT to represent ownership of assets.

KunciCoin utilities can enjoy hospitality services at the Hotel Tanjung Beneo. We hope this will be a mutually beneficial partnership as Joko is also poised to discover new ways of perfecting the KunciCoin platform and its many benefits. Joko Crypto provides us with numerous reasons why to select Kunci utilities. First, it empowers the neglected and invisible local artists to gain recognition and become self-sufficient. Second, it allows everyone to co-own the exclusive artist who made the KunciCoin platform unique. Third, it provides a transparent and open ecosystem in which any malicious or imprecise elements will be immutable. Fourth, it will be exclusive to KunciCoinNFT.

This NFT project is Indonesia’s most prominent in the field of NFTs. This will provide KunciCoin with a mainstream focal point for collecting and identifying an extensive collection of high-quality artworks and allowing users to exchange KunciCoinNFTs with physical goods. It’s an initial offering with 15% partnership, 15% general, 40% development, and 30% marketing. Joko Cryoto’s vision is to create a pioneer, innovative blockchain platform that is the best to develop a wide range of services. KunciCoin will become an essential synergistic part of Joko Cryoto’s more comprehensive vision, including KunciCoinNFT as the biggest NFT in Indonesia.

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