Join L.A. Weekly publisher Brian Calle and guest Chris Van Dusen, Balanced Health Botanicals’ Chief Growth Officer, for this long-awaited episode where we finally dive into all things CBD. There’s no doubt that the #CBDMovement has swept the nation. As popularity grows, so does incredulity over some of the claimed health benefits. Working with one of the oldest and most trusted names in the business, Chris teaches us how to spot false marketing and better understand how the plant product really affects us. 

Chris Van Dusen (CBDistillery)

Let’s face it: the topic of CBD comes up almost daily, especially in L.A. It seems to be all anyone is talking about, with advertisements and products being found everywhere from our doctor’s office to the corner 7-11. Why? Where was this CBD craze born from and how has it become so big, so fast? Chris answers all our questions. 

Since being legalized thanks to 2018’s “Farm Bill,” the CBD market is now saturated with thousands upon thousands of companies and products, all claiming to be the “purest.” To save you money and time, Brian and Chris discuss what can be trusted and what cannot. What has made Balanced Health Botanicals a leader in the CBD industry? Learn more about the importance of third-party lab testing, and why you should never ingest a product without data backing it. 

How can CBD be sold nationally and not THC? Our hosts talk about the biggest misconceptions people have regarding CBD, including why Facebook still doesn’t allow the product’s advertisement on its platform. Chris has some insights for frustrated marketers and social media managers alike. 

What is the craziest claim you’ve ever seen a brand make regarding their CBD offerings? From CBD “infused” sports bras to the promise of  a “cure,” listen in as the dangers of gimmicks are discussed, including come hilarious education as to the merits of a CBD condom. Would it really work? 

If you’re curious about the trend or already include CBD in your wellness ritual, this is the podcast for you. Tune in to learn more about the first-ever CBD farmers market, the future of CBD, and the next wave in hemp-derived products: CBG. 

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