The foundations of a building hold the weight and structure together. It represents the setting of a strong beginning to live, from which a solid nation begins. The foundation defines the forward direction of a country. The rule of law is called the foundation because there would be nothing to build upon without order. It takes just one lawyer to promote the cause of justice in an otherwise chaotic environment, turning a developing nation into a developed one. The law is the framework of civilized society, and lawyers role in making a country is multidimensional. To perceive it from a proper perspective, one must peruse through the pages of history and discover the true intentions and achievements achieved by them.

Lawyers play an essential role in a country’s development. It is from the lawyers that laws are issued, amended and upheld. Lawyers directly participate in the governance of a nation at both the federal and state levels. Joilson Junior de Melo, who is a law student at Fasip College in Sinop, Mato Grosso, Brazil, has been fighting for human rights even in his college days. Joilson has always been very passionate about the social welfare of his country. Ever since he was young, he had dreams of making a difference in society, and so, he is dedicated to his work as a Lawyer.

In law, Joilson Melo has created change by following the internal judicial procedures. He requested an inquiry about an internal matter within the National Council of Justice and Ministers Humberto Eustáquio Soares Martin, under consideration of rapporteur. Joilson Melo has been observing that the legal system of Brazil is a failure that creates adverse effects on the Brazilian people. There is a massive gap between the rich and the poor in Brazil. The simple act of making one decision can make or break the life of many people. The decision should be easy and swift, but it is almost impossible to serve the poor with appropriate policies due to incompetence of judgment. According to Joilson Melo, his fight is against inappropriate laws, and he sees that if these policies are changed, it can be a massive step towards the country’s development. He believes that lawyers have a significant role to play in the country’s development like:

Lawyers are taken as Role Models for children: Lawyers are often considered the statute of justice and truth. They inspire the country’s youth by preaching to them the truth and raising their voice against any injustice happening around them. This scenario builds the base of a country as if the youth is active, the country’s development is undoubtedly going to be there. Similarly, Joilson Melo is an inspiration to numerous people who want to contribute to the development of a nation.

Lawyers ensure the country’s laws are being regulated: Joilson suggests that a lawyer’s most critical role in a country’s development is that they always ensure that the rules are being upheld. They are being regulated so that no one faces any injustice and suppression. The new laws provide that the country is always looking to adapt to something new necessary for development.

For new migrants, lawyers ensure they know about the rules: As the new migrants come into the country for a living, it becomes necessary for them to understand the laws for buying homes and what to do for a livelihood. The lawyers ensure that they abide by the laws and follow all the rules implemented in the country. Joilson Melo also suggests that a country like Brazil should be full of opportunities, not restrictions.

For a lawyer to have a name in society, it is vital to connect with someone who has an established name there. Joilson Junior de Melo has a good relationship with several lawyers. They are the ones who will protect the laws and will bring justice to all.

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