Johnny Moseley Commits $10k to Annual Employee Training

Most employers understand that effective training is key to running a profitable business. Where they differ is in their financial commitment to that end. The CEO of Moseley Multi-Family, Johnny Moseley, has announced a $10,000 yearly training package for each employee, the highest of any construction renovation company in the United States.

The pledge follows a recent company milestone of 20,000 multifamily renovations, making Moseley the nation’s largest contractor in the sector. An integral part of the company’s ongoing success is said to be its recruitment approach and commitment to training to improve customer experience and scalability.

“We focus on training our workforce and standardising our process so we can help more customers,” Moseley outlined. “While we are equally passionate about both, we are really a recruiting and training company that happens to be in the multifamily business. Providing growth opportunities in training and development allows our employees to advance themselves and their careers.”

The company’s ethos surrounding its workforce is notable for its unorthodox ‘people above qualifications’ approach. The $10,000 training pledge enables Moseley Multi-Family to hire people with an outlook that suits them and fill in the skill and knowledge gaps later in their careers.

Moseley’s approach to staff development is different, too, with a broader scope than conventional construction training. Sales and ‘life skill’ training is mandatory for all employees, and each is required to complete 15 chapters a week to further personal and company goals.

“If someone is unwilling to invest in themselves to accomplish what they want, they will never be committed to accomplishing our business goals,” Moseley said. “Those who are not fully dedicated can self-select out.”

A significant training ethos makes up a fundamental part of Moseley Multi-Family’s long-term ambition. Having achieved the recent landmark in apartment and condo renovations, the CEO looks to grow a formula that has provided living space for a growing number of families.

“If you can duplicate your best employees and have an effective training program, you can hire for attitude and train for results,” Moseley said. “I envision Moseley Multi-Family being a $500m annual revenue company with an engaged and high-performing team achieving their personal, professional, and financial goals.”

Moseley’s training approach seems to be as much about company success as it is about individual development. Their significant investment commitment is likely to accelerate the company’s growth into an increasing number of states.

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