John Gafford Expands The Simply Vegas Family

John Gafford is one of the most recognized and respected figures in the Nevada real estate business. As the owner of multiple real estate companies and firms, John Gafford has overseen billions of dollars in home and business property transactions. While most people probably recognize him from his time as a contestant on Season 3 of The Apprentice, John Gafford owes much of his success to Simply Vegas. The company has continued to grow and bring in record profits over the past few years, but John Gafford has even bigger plans for the company. With plans to bring their vertical integration model to much of the national real estate market, John Gafford is also working to expand the Simply Vegas family to offer even more services, greater efficiency, and a better customer experience.

What Is Simply Vegas?

Simply Vegas began in the spring of 2010, when Gavin Ernstone contacted John Gafford to form a new brokerage. Though John initially declined the offer, he would later change his mind. He realized that he, his agents, and his clients could benefit from a luxury, full-service firm with a 100% commission plan.

Simply Vegas distinguishes itself from the competition in a number of ways, but primarily through its acquisition of highly talented agents. Gavin Ernstone instilled in Gafford the idea that only the best agents could come and work for them. If an agent simply wasn’t producing the kind of numbers they liked, they were not invited into the “private club” that is Simply Vegas.

By the start of 2012, John Gafford was officially on board as a partner. Shortly after, Simply Vegas Green Valley opened its doors. In the time since its establishment, the company has acquired nearly 500 high-producing real estate agents. Moreover, the company ranks as the third most profitable firm (in terms of total volume) in the state of Nevada, and it was only eclipsed by some of the industry’s largest players. Thus, Simply Vegas had turned itself into the highest-grossing boutique luxury real estate firm in the state.

However, John Gafford has his sights set even higher. In a desire to vertically integrate real estate brokerages and help make home buying and selling easier, John Gafford is actively working to grow the Simply Vegas family through the formation of The Simply Group with additional partnerships:

Streamline Home Loans

Streamline Home Loans is a mortgage company located in the Greater Las Vegas Area, though it provides its services to multiple states. With years of experience in the mortgage industry, the team at Streamline Home Loans consistently performs in the top 1% of home loan providers in the nation. It has accomplished this, in large part, due to a focus on a simple, unencumbered customer experience. Moreover, the company offers a wide range of services and utilizes innovative technology to make the loan acquisition process as easy and efficient as possible. Streamline Home Loans was founded by Gafford, Ernstone and partner Jonathan Jacobs, to help home buyers access the best home loans and interest rates on the market.

Clear Title Company

Established in 2016, Clear Title Company was founded by Gafford, Ernstone and is overseen by president and industry veteran Greg Hullet having years of experience in title and escrow, ensuring that both clients and realtors get a quality experience. In fact, Clear Title Company was founded with the vision of creating a service that eliminates many of the pain points associated with home titles for all parties involved. Thus, Clear Title Company aims to simplify a process that has, historically, been unnecessarily complicated and stressful. This is the benefit of the vertically integrated model for the consumer, an elite customer experience.


Savvy is an insurance aggregator that allows agencies to work together to offer premiums and scaled services that would otherwise be out of reach. In essence, Savvy helps real estate agencies work together to provide a better and more cost-efficient home buying and selling experience. By acquiring a position in Savvy, The Simply Group has captured the combined reach of dozens of agencies nationwide, giving it an even larger share of the state’s market.

The Bottom Line

John Gafford and The Simply Group  are now bigger than ever, with three new companies under the company’s umbrella to compliment Simply Vegas.. Streamline Home Loans allows Simply Vegas to take part in the transaction process on the loan acquisition side of the business, while Clear Title Company helps Simply Vegas simplify title and escrow processes for its clients. Finally, Savvy gives John Gafford and the Simply Group family access to dozens of agencies and thousands of agents around the state, helping to keep costs low.

In all likelihood, this is just the beginning. John Gafford and The Simply Group have already expanded his vision for complete vertical integration in several states partnering with broker owners to open their own verticals.  In the months to come, even more partners will likely be jumping on board.

To learn more about working with John Gafford, contact him directly on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or The Simply Group Website!

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