Johanna Godinez: Developing an Impactful and Innovative Approach to Help You Minimize Stress and Burnout

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Everyday stress, business pressure, and time demands are the common denominators of many individuals who experience burnout. A study by Deloitte states that  77 percent of respondents have experienced burnout at their current job, with more than half experiencing burnout more than once.

Due to the repetitive nature of employee tasks and tight deadlines ahead, employees feel immense pressure to perform or risk losing their job. Those who are on the verge of burnout can stop it in its tracks by bringing the focus back to the mind and body. This helps to regulate the nervous system and bring back a healthy balance to the body.

Founder of B.A.Y. Lifestyle and Beyond Asana Yoga School, Johanna Godinez, has spent the past 10 years working as a Lifestyle Success Coach. Considered by many to be their “Personal Assistant for life”, Johanna offers an innovative approach to habit development, personal and professional coaching, and lifestyle transformation.

After experiencing the stress and time demands of her own corporate job, Johanna understood burnout included social pressures, financial stresses, professional demands, and an overall imbalance in health. After recognizing many people around her were also in need of a solution, she decided to develop her proprietary ELM method; this Evolutionary Life Mapping method provides individuals with a complete sustainable solution, which she facilitates through self-discovery, self-inquiry and self-reflection. Based on what is uncovered in the process, a plan is created so the client can take forward action in the direction that feels most aligned to them.

“It is a disservice to humanity that we are not taught in schools how to understand ourselves; from our physical bodies, to our thoughts, our emotions, our conscious and our subconscious aspects.  I believe that knowledge is power, and only when we understand the human condition, can we manifest a purposeful, fulfilled, and joyful work and life experience.”

Johanna takes a unique approach to her coaching business, where peace and joy supersedes all else when it comes to your everyday work. By combining the 5,000-year-old philosophy of  Yoga, self-reflection, observation, and meditation, Johanna is renowned for providing her students with the best tools to help them understand their mindset patterns, thoughts, emotions, and how it impacts their physical and mental wellbeing.

Johanna is a credible figure in the coaching and wellness industry, as her Yoga school became internationally approved by Yoga Alliance. She shares, “Launching the Yoga school was definitely a milestone. It was a long process getting the school internationally approved by Yoga Alliance. There were many challenges to creating a 200 and 300-hour teacher training program that will give individuals the knowledge of yoga, the ability to adapt the practice for themselves, and the skills to be able to efficiently lead others in this life elevating practice”

Bringing the true meaning of Yoga (the easing of the constant fluctuations of the mind) back to the way we approach life is a meaning that Johanna takes great pride in. Aligning and anchoring into the present moment is not only important for her in her own life, but also in the life of her clients. By deepening our awareness and allowing peace into our minds, we can ultimately find more joy in how we exist and function in this experience of life.

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