Jimmy Pherrari – Uncle Jimmy TV Show 2022

Last month, Jimmy Pherrari (@jimmysworldofficial), the multi-talented director and hip-hop artist, announced the production of his highly anticipated series, ‘Uncle Jimmy TV Show,’ currently shooting in Los Angeles. Pherarri has big plans for the show, hoping to expand his future production efforts to New York City, where his colleagues live. Jimmy and his fantastic team of actors and contributors are very excited to show the audience what they have in store for them.

While they’ve yet to announce the first episode’s release date, Jimmy has stressed that he wants to take a progressive and inclusive approach to the show’s concept to provide audiences with a cutting-edge, low-budget production unlike any other. The Uncle Jimmy TV show will be a heartfelt and drama-filled show for all the family to enjoy.

Theme of The Show


Jimmy Pherrari, known by family and friends as Jimmy Lawson, stars in the show as a hip-hop artist and aspiring businessman. Tasked with the monumental challenge of taking care of his niece Jasmine, played by the magnificent Zuri Miles, Jimmy must prove to himself and his niece that they both have what it takes to succeed in anything they put their minds to.

While we explore the world of Jimmy, audiences also get to watch Jasmine breaking her way into the world of fashion industry and exploring all its facets and challenges. This leads her and Jimmy to get into some crazy adventures that Pherrari and the team cannot wait to show the world.

The show is jam-packed with a stellar team who put in great care and effort to provide a fantastic audience experience. The amazing cast ranges from the likes of Krystina Walton, starring as the character London, Mckenna Alvizo as Katherine, Ahyana Pie as Ms. Jewells. Also, Chris Muckey as Dr. Samuel, Fay Peck as Michelle, Xander Simmons as Uriah, and Jordan Garcia, who plays Michael in the show.

One of the show’s goals is to highlight greatness and success; audiences will get to see the highs and lows of living your dream life, as well as the trials and tribulations it takes to achieve it. In addition, Pherrari and his top-class cast will unveil the curtain into the unique mindset it takes to conquer one’s dreams and inspire a community. Whether it be in hip-hop, the fashion industry, or any business & creative endeavor, Pherrari wants to highlight the communal struggles and competition of those who are battling for their dream life.


The Uncle Jimmy TV Show has a lot of tricks and surprises under its sleeve, which Jimmy can’t wait to share with the world, with many exciting characters they’ve yet to announce. This show is setting out to be a gripping tale of drama, competition, and resilience unlike anything else on television. Pherrari wants audiences to come out of the show feeling entertained and inspired to think outside the box and go for their dreams.

Casting Opportunities

Mr. Pherrari will continue to add to his stellar cast & crew by working with companies such as Zaya Productions of LA, Paramount, and Marc Grade Recording Studios. The show is aimed to be finished by the end of 2022, and you can find casting opportunities on backstage.com, where the show is scouting a wide range of talent.

Head over to the show’s Instagram page @Unclejimmytvshow or visit Jimmysworldofficial.com for more information on the show. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the range of opportunities to work on this great show and see if you’re a good fit. You may be exactly what they need to deliver this entertaining and awe-inspiring story to the world!

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