“Jetset isn’t just a token, it’s a lifestyle,” says the crypto Entrepreneur Maverick Bailey

Even after a rather turbulent 2021 and early 2022, the crypto sector is showing rapid signs of recovery. The cryptocurrency market was worth more than $3 trillion in November 2021, a 100% increase from the value in 2020.  Those are some good news for crypto investors and a clear sign that they have weathered a storm.

The latest gains in the crypto market have spurred another wave of investments and people are actively looking for new coins to invest in. Determining which of them offers the best ROI is not an easy task, though. The market is still fairly volatile and even the slightest change can trigger a run, with unpredictable consequences.

Currently, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies available in the market, which has put many crypto investors in a dilemma. In general, cryptocurrencies with smaller market capitalization are more volatile than large and more established digital tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The increasing popularity has led to the current trend in the industry, with more people joining in on the craze, and many projects have been launched in the past year. Maverick Bailey is one such crypto entrepreneur and enthusiast who has been in the space for years and is now changing the industry through his perfect ecosystem, Jetset Token.

Maverick Bailey is from Los Angeles and is the co-founder of Jetset Token. A few years back his current lifestyle was just a dream. Before he found Jetset Token, Maverick Bailey owns a successful luxury real estate company called socalocations.com which deals with high-end clients, celebs, and major film production companies.

Maverick Bailey worked his way to the top, and he is now the founder and CEO of Jetset Token which focuses on luxury lifestyle, wellness, and travel. He landed several hardworking experts that helped him transform Jetset Token into what it is today.

Jetset token is a decentralized exchange where consumers can buy and sell their tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. It soon became number one among other luxury-themed cryptocurrencies giving a 12000 percent return. They have also recently launched their own NFT marketplace, bridging the gap between the creators and collectors, artists and their fans. However, it is worth noting that super-producer Teddy Riley, the creator of the Jack Sing music genre, embraced the Jetset token for an NFT project.

Collaborating with Bill Walsh, Jetset is on its way to launching a Crypto Education Course as well. An all-new dedicated online education platform that offers scholastic tutorials, resources, and educational content on cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens, and blockchain.

Its partners like SoCa Locations, LA Palace Wellness, and Pancake Swap have made it all possible for everyone to experience luxury, travel, and wellness at its finest along with learning everything that revolves around crypto.

Having been in the crypto market for years, Maverick Bailey and his partner are leveraging their experience to transform the industry. They are building a limitless space through blockchain technology, revolutionizing hospitality and luxury.

As they continue to grow, Jetset is helping others to grow and have what most of us don’t. Donating 3 percent of its profits to charities Jetset Token is trying to make everyone’s dreams a reality.

It’s been amazing to watch the Jetset’s ecosystem. Check out their website and catch a glimpse of their NFT collection. Find a unique Jetset for yourself which will gain you access to exclusive mansions, events, and much more. For more details log on to https://jetsettoken.com

“Jetset isn’t just a token, it’s a lifestyle.”

How to buy Jetset Token?

Log on to https://jetsettoken.com or simply follow this quick start guide on how to invest

Buy BNB (on Binance or Trust Wallet)

Copy the below token address

Go to Pancake Swap v2

Paste Jetset token address and swap with BNB (slippage 10-15%)

Token address:


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