Jessica Dennehy on How to Overcome Indecision and Move Forward With Confidence


We are often told that we aren’t supposed to act on our emotions. In fact, to succeed in business, we’re told to approach each obstacle with logic and analysis at all times.

But honestly, I’ve found that doing the opposite makes me a much better business owner. And it makes me more effective at everything I do.

In my experience, trusting my instincts is the number-one way to begin taking action, making tough business decisions, and moving forward toward all your goals and dreams. While breaking through that barrier can be a challenge, I know it’s one you’re up for – you just need a bit of encouragement.

Resist the Urge to Question Yourself…

Many of us have a “gut feeling” and then immediately dismiss it as illogical before moving on to interrogating more “smart” or “logical” options. But I urge you to take a beat and really understand what your inner compass is trying to tell you.

Putting it another way: after a good workout or a long day on your feet, you can viscerally feel the impact of that exercise in your body. It’s not something that you have to put any effort into connecting with. It’s just there. In the same way, you can feel – without even trying – what your instincts are trying to tell you each time you’re confronted with a challenge.

We were all born with instincts designed to warn us and inform us of danger, possible threats, and opportunities for action. To ignore your gut feeling when it comes to your business – an area you know more about than anyone else – would be to ignore an essential part of you!

Developing your innate ability to recognize your gut instincts and act on them with confidence is key. Start to become aware of your instincts and be intentional about interpreting them so you can better serve yourself and your business.


…But Don’t Wallow in Indecision

However, just because you’re analyzing your gut feelings doesn’t mean you get to hang out there forever! You can’t wait around for “the right time” to do something, or else you’ll never start – and your business, family, and life will suffer for it.

That instinctual, physical response you have to your gut feeling should propel you to action. Consider where you need to go, and begin working out a detailed action plan and mapping out all the steps that you need to get from point A to point B. But planning is meaningless without action.

Get into the habit of pairing your analysis with an action. After all, your gut feelings are designed to draw our attention to the source, so get connected with yourself, and let that encourage you to get connected with the next right step for your business!

Remember You Know Best

It might sound cheesy, but positive self-talk is key when it comes to listening to your gut and taking action on your emotions. Don’t be ashamed to hype yourself up – no one else will if you don’t!

You know your business better than anyone else, and by taking control of your future and making decisions based on what you think is best is the only way you will move forward. Gone will be the days of staying stuck in doubt, or waiting endlessly for the “right time” that will never come. Instead, you’ll feel empowered from within to make all the right moves.

“But what if I do the wrong thing?” you might be asking yourself. The truth is, you will. It’s inevitable – we’re all human. But there are only two possible outcomes from failure: a lesson learned and a second chance. Sure, you might mess up, and it could cost you. But the answer isn’t to never take a risk; it’s to tackle new challenges with confidence and humility, and be prepared to learn and do better next time if you happen to fail.

It’s never easy to trust yourself over all else and be decisive, especially when logic is nudging you in a different direction. But remembering that your inner compass will guide you correctly is a powerful resource you need to tap into.  Trusting your gut is the ultimate superpower that will catapult your business into success.

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