JES International Group Lays Down the Fundamentals of unlocking explosive growth

Photo Credit: Mathew Diaz

During the global pandemic, people realized just how important the transportation industry is. As global supply chains are broken, transportation companies must find a solution to this worldwide problem. Headquartered in Miami, FL, the JES International Group is making plans for exponential growth, and their timing is perfect.

Founded in 1996, JES International provides heavy transportation equipment to South America. This includes construction equipment, dry trailers, trucks, mobile homes, electric generators, and reefer trailers. In fact, JES leads the industry in the sales of reefer trailers and dry vans in South America.

In 2014, Samir Nazar joined this business his father founded. With a desire to build an empire and find growth after dropping out of college, Nazar felt his sales and marketing skills could take the family business to new heights. The elements for growth were already in place, such as a reputation for stellar customer service and offering top-notch equipment at low prices. These foundations were the first fundamentals for the explosive growth Nazar had in mind.

The next elements that could ensure such growth included expertise and experience. There are many things outside an owner’s control in the transportation industry. These include handling drivers, suppliers, and even conditions at the ports. Yet JES International has learned how to navigate these circumstances and respond to stress as effectively as possible. Exceeding client expectations and being relentless in scaling the company are also keys to exponential growth, according to Nazar.

The goal is for JES International to double its sales of 500 reefer trailers in South America to 1000 units in new regions such as Central America, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. While this is a tremendous feat, Samir Nazar has the mindset to execute his ambitious vision successfully. Not to mention, the world needs as many logistic solutions as possible in the post-pandemic era. Supply chains are broken, and it will take creative solutions to mend these chains. If a company wants to contribute through growth, that equals a win for both the organization and consumers. If there was ever an ideal time for JES International to grow exponentially, it is now.

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