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Jennifer Brooks is the marketing genius behind International Loops, a globally recognized social media marketing agency that leverages the power of influencer marketing. Ever since its founding in 2015, Jennifer has been helping individuals and brands grow their audiences on Instagram.

Using celebrities in the Exclusive Advertising campaigns she puts together, International Loops has developed a reputation as the SMM agency people flock to when they want to grow by using giveaways and influencers. Today, the International Loops Instagram page is around the one million mark, which is a testament to how effective it has become.

The story of International Loops is one of exceptional success. Jennifer first started out wanted to keep an eye out for her kids who were using Instagram, but she quickly came to enjoy using the platform and became a mommy blogger. Getting started, she established “sweepstakes loops” that involved a small network of people participating and cross-promoting one another by using a giveaway they each had a vested interest in. Soon after that, International Loops became what it is today.

Exclusive Advertising campaigns that are run by International Loops take advantage of celebrities and influencers who have massive reach on social media to help increase the audiences of individuals and brands. The formula Jennifer ended up using turned out to be incredibly effective, and she now has a multi-million dollar business that has helped countless others achieve greater success.

Jennifer has a fantastic ability to network and connect people together, which is why she has been so successful with International Loops. She knew how to overcome issues like exorbitant prices for influencer marketing that other SMM agencies often charge.

There have been many big names collaborating and being a part of the Exclusive Advertising campaigns run by this SMM agency. Celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole, and others have all participated in the wildly successful campaigns. Today, International Loops boasts having an astonishing reach of over one billion people. This ensures that clients who work with them will see traffic to their social media pages get a major boost.

International Loops seems to go beyond the expectations of their clients, which is part of their appeal. Following their successful business model, growth is expected to accelerate throughout 2021 and beyond, with no end in sight for what can be achieved. Brands both big and small stand to gain a whole lot when they work with International Loops.

If you are someone who is looking to expand their audience and reach but aren’t sure how to do it in a cost-effective way that actually works, then your search is finally over. International Loops is the premier go-to SMM agency that will help skyrocket your success.

Head over to the International Loops website to look more about Exclusive Advertising campaigns, and follow the Instagram page to see the current campaigns being promoted right now.

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