Jeff Meyer and Alpha Flow Athletics are Helping Athletes Find Success, Both In and Out of Competition

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Jeff Meyer is the founder of Alpha Flow Athletics, a digital platform company that helps athletes and professionals become the best versions of themselves via mindset and ‘flow state’ training. The company’s portfolio includes numerous high-ranking professional athletes and executives.

The company system utilizes neuroscience and centers on helping clients tap into their peak performance and find mental clarity. This is achieved by way of Meyer’s signature peak performance system, Athletic Genius.

Meyer provides his services to athletes who may be struggling with self-sabotaging behaviors, feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty and overall distraction. His neuroscience-based program helps athletes level up and adapt winning mindsets, making them better, across the board, both personally and professionally or athletically. His ‘flow state’ training opens 1,000x the processing power of one’s brain, resulting in the acceleration of their mental and physical development. The results find ‘diamond-like’ athletic and professional abilities.

Competition can be fierce, whether athletes are in the realms of amateur, collegiate or professional, the pressure to perform is always looming. Depression can unfortunately set in, accompanied with performance anxiety and self-limiting beliefs. Meyer aims to buck these trends in today’s athletes.

“Everyone’s an athlete and involved in competition. We must be as mentally strong as we are physically strong. We help athletes reach their respective ‘flow state’, which makes them nearly 500% more productive. When in this state of mind, one can do more in a single day than their colleagues can over the course of a week,” said Meyer. “Athletes need this. Understanding one’s thoughts helps them focus.”

Additionally, his former students and those having gone through the program, have been proven to find success, including a 490% increase in skill acquisition across overwhelming and chaotic competition, while gaining inner-greatness and finding recovery.

Meet the Peak Performance Coach

Meyer is an expert in helping athletes and executives reach their optimal states of flow. He is a certified brain health and HeartMath coach and expert. He has extensive experience providing coaching to athletes of all levels and even executives and entrepreneurs at both Fortune 500 and 100 companies. He not only trains individuals and teams, but companies too, to help them all achieve high-performance flow mindsets.

“There are four phases and 22 triggers that can help us get into our states of flow,” said Meyer. “When it comes to struggle, embrace it and dive in. Have a clear goal for yourself. Once our prefrontal cortex clicks off, we are then in the zone. As a result, a superhuman cocktail begins stirring in us and we get faster, stronger, better and think more clearly.”

A former men’s basketball coach at the University of Northern Colorado and Colorado State University, including five-different high schools, Meyer has turned in an impressive 30-year career. In fact, he has positively impacted well over 2,000 athletes over that span.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in social psychological kinesiology and a master’s degree in pedagogy, Meyer is certified in coaching for brain health and, though he is already an expert, is currently working toward becoming officially certified at Steven Kotler’s Flow Research Collective.

The founder of Alpha Flow Athletics has been featured across numerous high-ranking media outlets in sharing his expertise on ‘flow state’. Additionally, he also has a forthcoming book on the subject and how to achieve superior mental health due out in 2022 called, Athletic Genius: Activating Alpha Athleticism Through Heart, Intelligence, Mindset and Vision.

Meyer’s typical day includes working in the trenches and high-stake environments, with athletes, sports teams, executives and companies, to provide world-class training in peak performance and helping them develop the essential skills to help them realize their full potential.

“When someone has reached an optimal state of flow, that is when they will perform at their best,” Meyer stated. “About 77% of our daily thoughts are self-defeating, so when we can find focus and clarity, understanding our thoughts, we can avoid going down the wrong paths.”

About Jeff Meyer

Jeff Meyer is a lifetime athletics coach whose career spans over 30 years. He has provided vision across numerous different sports, including with well-known amateur, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes and both Fortune 500 and 100 executives. To learn more about Alpha Flow Athletics, please visit

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