Jean Pierre Vandome Announces Plans to Launch A Crypto Advisory Firm

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Based on the rising popularity of bitcoin, a number of other blockchain-based cryptocurrency initiatives have emerged in the past ten years. In light of this, an increasing number of functioning businesses have started devoting capital to digital assets and crypto currencies. Despite the daily emergence of hundreds of blogs and influencers, only a select handful can stay up. With an aim to provide the best for his clients, the most well-known figure in cryptocurrency, Jean Pierre Vandome, shares his plans to launch a dedicated crypto advisory firm.

“There are several opportunities as well as difficulties associated with using cryptocurrencies for business. There are unknown risks and compelling rewards, just as in any frontier. Because of this, organizations exploring the use of cryptocurrency in their operations should have two things: a clear knowledge of why they are doing so, as well as a list of the numerous questions they need to take into account.” states Jean Pierre Vandome

“I’ve worked with cryptocurrencies for the greater part of a decade as an alternative investment specialist, and if you ask me how great this Crypto boom is, I would most likely compare it to the The California Gold Rush” Jean further states. He goes on to discuss a few crucial factors that must be addressed before launching a Crypto Advisory Firm.

  • Obtain legal counsel: To make sure licencing requirements are met

It is important to seek legal advice in order to better understand the regulatory requirements for your business venture. Each jurisdiction where the company intends to conduct business will require the appropriate licensing, which must be obtained. Because government and law have not yet caught up with technology, many bitcoin exchanges operate with little to no control.

  • Attain funding for the Project

Startups often make the mistake of failing to plan for the future. As a result, they only receive modest initial investments, which cover development expenditures but leave the business without the vital operating capital it needs to survive until it becomes profitable. Startups frequently commit the error of obtaining licenses from fraudulent cryptocurrency exchange providers, who collect recurring fees without disclosing the costs and legal duties associated with establishing and operating an exchange.

  • Invest in technology solution provider

You or your co-founders must be technologically competent if you want to start a crypto company. No matter if you want to work as a developer, broker, or marketer, every cryptocurrency company needs technical expertise to comprehend the underlying blockchain systems in depth.

  • Employ best security practices

Secure cryptographic key and seed generation is necessary for a cryptocurrency system. Pay particular attention to confidentiality and uncrackable figures while evaluating your organization’s security procedures in this area. Newly generated keys or seeds are protected by confidentiality to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Deliver proper client service

It can be challenging to provide clients the proper crypto consultancy. However, if done correctly, it becomes a crucial component for the company’s overall growth.

Since cryptocurrencies never stop trading, you should establish a ticketing system like ZenDesk and staff it with trained and professional people who are ready 24/7 to respond to clients.

The Bottom Line

For cryptocurrency business owners, what is true now might not be true tomorrow. The information I’ve provided above could not even be relevant in a few years or even months. This highlights an important aspect of crypto entrepreneurship that I believe all aspirant business owners in the sector should be aware of: If you want to succeed in this field, you must be prepared to take risk and consistently be willing to adapt to a changing market.

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