Jean Louis Hardy Teaches Business Owners about Marketing, but More Importantly, He Teaches about Mindset

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Jean Louis Hardy – a hard-working businessman who was inspired to guide and support others. He has made it his mission to meet with business owners and budding entrepreneurs to discuss strategies. Among the most important is mindset.

Jean Louis Hardy is a business consultant. He meets with his clients to discuss marketing strategies, but he discusses much more than that with them. They talk about big dreams and goals. They discuss the hardships of achieving success like dealing with stress and lack of motivation. In these conversations, Hardy emphasizes the importance of mindset.

“The ability to change your story around your mindset is the most critical part of being able to build your business. Essentially, what you have today is because of how you view the world, so as you change your mindset, [you] also change your reality. [When your reality changes,] you unlock the doors that you have never seen before, [but were always there.]” Jean Hardy says.

Hardy is lighting a fire under business owners – he is helping people get clear about what their passion and purpose are and pushing them towards excellence. Hardy suggests they implement the HiPer mindset which is short for high performance. This mindset allows any entrepreneur to gain the clarity they need to perform without burnout and to grow their company to new heights. Hardy even suggests that his clients do deep introspection 30 minutes per day, as this will continue the growth and development needed for a great mindset.

Jean Louis Hardy knows all too well how integral mindset is to success. Hardy has gone through rough times in life, including homelessness. He struggled to figure out what he wanted to do for a career:  “I wanted to be a minister but every time I wanted to go down that route I had such a hard time. I really felt like God was leading me to help people build their companies and make them profitable.” Hardy says.

It’s as though he had a calling to support business owners. He has been very successful in it too. Hardy has grown companies thousands of dollars in just months and millions in less than two years. Once he and his clients have discussed and implemented a successful mindset, they get to the business side. He helps businesses with their marketing strategy, focusing on things like strategic SEO; digital advertising (like pay-per-click such as Google ads); email marketing; website enhancement (to generate leads and help with branding); and videography and photography.

Learning these skills as a business owner is important, but what’s more is the shift in thinking:  “The advice I would give to somebody who wants to start a business is to understand that when they go into their business, they are no longer the title of what they do, for example, a barber or accountant. From day one of owning a business, you are now a marketer and a salesperson.”

Hardy’s experience in consulting is extensive. When asked why he does what he does, he answered: “I LOVE seeing people make choices that better them in life; it brings me joy.” Jean Louis Hardy is deeply moved by the connection he has with others and the value he can bring to the table to better their lives. That’s why he’s going online. His consulting business will now be virtual, so he can connect with thousands of people, helping them make the best out of their businesses and their lives.

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