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When people look for a new job, they often make the healthcare plan offered by their prospective employer of monumental importance. Medical costs can be an overwhelming burden for people, so it is a great relief to find employer-provided healthcare plans that offer a blanket of safety and security for such employees. Despite the large demand for such health insurance, employers often find that it can be a significant task to provide quality insurance that is cost-effective.

No matter how big or small a company is, they all face the same difficult process of finding suitable insurance at a fair price. Jason Zuccari is the vice president of business development for Hamilton Insurance Agency, he lends his expertise on the matter by underscoring the value of finding an equilibrium between making sure employees receive the care they need and cost-effectiveness for the employer. He says that regardless of whether the company has found that golden middle, there are more problems involved with enrolling and onboarding employees.

For employers that are in the midst of this struggle, help is on the way. Zuccari has created a project in the form of a mobile application that will help both employees and employers implement healthcare insurance. BeneBee is the mobile app that will clarify the insurance options of the employee, making healthcare insurance easier to manage, while getting the help they need without all the potential issues that may arise.

BeneBee has all the resources for both employers and employees to help them understand insurance policies and the type of coverage they provide. BeneBee provides a virtual insurance card for each user, a company-specific handbook that focuses on each respective brand, on-demand customer service support, step-by-step tutorials for enrolling in insurance programs, and 24/7 telemedicine.

When employees hear the term “open enrollment”, they often feel a sense of security that is also accompanied by fear. The reason for this is they know that they will receive critical healthcare coverage, but they are often afraid of the process that is inherent in ascertaining deductibles, copays, and covered services. BeneBee is here to absolve such fear by helping people with the enrollment process from A-Z, simultaneously providing informative videos that offer greater support. If there is an administrative issue, on-demand service reps are available to alleviate such issues. Zuccari emphasizes that both employees and employers want the same thing from health insurance, good coverage at a low cost.

Zuccari and his dedicated team provide a viable solution to help make this process smoother with BeneLink Connect. This resource facilitates the enrollment process from start to finish, aiding in billing, invoicing, employee onboarding, and any other logistical issues that may hinder the process. BeneLink Connect also collects employee data and audits invoices while ensuring ACA compliance and IRS reporting.

Zuccari says that BeneBee will greatly ease the process of finding coverage by bringing comprehensive insurance resources together in one place for both employees and employers.

For more information on BeneBee and formulating an insurance plan for your company, contact Hamilton Insurance Agency.

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