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The power of social media has become so immense that a recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll shows that 83 percent of Americans use social media, and 63 percent of Americans first discover important news via social media. Such incredible statistics are a testament to the popularity of various social media platforms, such popularity that has many entrepreneurs looking to create their own platform to position itself next to the likes of Instagram and Facebook. Jason Zuccari is the president and co-founder of Sweeble, a social media platform that is rising in prominence due to its unique features.

When users scroll down their news feed, they often hit the “like” button on a post of someone they are following, but how much do they really “like” the content? Sweeble is integrating a critical feature into this typical process, by quantifying exactly how much a user “likes” the content, by implementing a feature that lets a user hold the button for a certain amount of time, measuring in proportionality the extent of the “like”. Zuccari says that this metric is both groundbreaking and fascinating for the social media world.

Sweeble also has a great feature where it lets users monetize on their content. Each like, comment, or view of content gives users $0.01. Although this isn’t a large amount of money, Zuccari says that some users are able to make a couple thousand dollars a month. Zuccari believes that it isn’t fair for companies like Facebook and others to use personal info for targeted ads, he says that people aren’t the product, they are the power. Sweeble splits revenue evenly with users who create content, the shared revenue features signify that users actually want to see ads on their platform, because it means they are getting paid.

Sweeble is quickly gaining popularity with famous entrepreneurs, Kevin Harrington being one of the most notable. He was one of the original investors in ABC’s Shark Tank, and will lead the company’s seed round to raise about one million dollars. Harrington says Sweeble has the “Wow” factor, something that few companies possess.

Spearheaded by Zuccari, Sweeble already has around 200,00 active users, including actors, musicians, comedians, professional athletes, and fashion influencers. The foundational principles of measuring content popularity speaks volumes about the innovative nature of Sweeble, as well as the ingenuity of Zuccari.

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