Jason Roberts on Redeeming Stranded Power Assets Through Green Crypto

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Advances in technology have unlocked business opportunities worldwide, each based on a unique idea or concept. While some of them are lost in this extremely competitive space, a few have survived and even scaled up due to their sustainable approach to society and the environment. Anika Digital Holdings is one such venture that is not only reducing carbon footprints created by crypto mining but is also supporting the growth of underprivileged rural communities across the country. Anika Digital Holdings and Anika Green Energy are working together to refurbish abandoned power plants to generate clean energy and use it to empower communities.

Anika Digital Holdings (ADH) is a company enhancing rural communities with green bitcoin. ADH partners with local and state officials in rural communities where industrial infrastructures are stranded and economies have faded. The company creates programs to assist the development of those stranded assets and generate future prosperity in rural communities. The focus throughout is on the sustainability of the planet while developing philanthropic community support.

Anika Green Energy (AGE) is working to reduce carbon footprints created by bitcoin mining through repurposed renewable energy. AGE produces clean, reliable green energy to power onsite bitcoin mining facilities. The company’s integrated system enables independent control and management of its own energy production and bitcoin mining without relying on any third-party agency or organization. This makes AGE self-sufficient to eliminate bitcoin mining downtime. This integration has given freedom from future government regulations, helping AGE predict the cost of future energy production.

Jason Roberts is the founder of ADH and AGE and is currently heading these ventures as CEO and president. Born to a farmer in a rural community on the California central coast, Jason had a humble upbringing amidst 100 acres of agricultural land. His big dreams and love for city life took him to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he completed his MBA and started a career in casinos. He worked in several positions and gained a variety of experience ranging from bartending to lower and upper management in casinos and gaming executive operations. Jason eventually stood out for his talent in turning around sinking restaurants and catering companies into profitable multi-million enterprises.

With success and a fast-paced lifestyle, Jason soon developed an addiction to gambling and alcohol. This took a toll on his physical, mental, and even financial well-being. After his initial attempt to live sober, Jason further became addicted to substances. During this time, his life hit the rock bottom and made him realize the value of life and the mistakes he made. With this realization, Jason got into an addiction program and has been living sober for 7 years. With his two original business ideas, he bounced back higher, becoming what he always wanted to be.

ADH and AGE are run by an enthusiastic team of experts who specialize in diverse areas of business. Jason’s partner and reunited junior high school love, Laurye Beaver, is the heart of Anika while he is the brain behind the business. The team also includes Nicholas Chavez, a long-time friend of Jason, whose business prowess and people skills have scaled up the business exponentially. Victor Giumaraes, the design mastermind of the team, is also a driving force of the company, making all visual branding a reality.

The success of Anika has earned Jason the prestigious Internet 2.0 award for a leader in technology. ADH also aligned with investment partner the USAKO Group, adding international reach to their vision. ADH will also be featured on an episode of Ted Danson & Advancements to leverage the power of television and take the concept behind creating Anika to the world. Jason always stayed away from the limelight, and this is the first time he revealed so much about himself , Anika and the prospects of ADH in promoting clean defi and crypto trading.

Jason wants to see ADH become the pioneer in green energy bitcoin mining, turning a lot of nothing into incredible opportunities for everything. The best part of this venture will be to revive the economies of forgotten rural communities. Jason is planning to donate part of Anika’s profit to support mental health and addiction facilities and to promote renewable energy research.

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